Selective Abortions

In the last 30 years 12 million selective abortions of feminine fetuses in India, half in the last decade have been carried out. The Indian Government impelled in 1996 a law by which he prohibited myself to reveal to the future parents the sex of the fetuses. One is not fulfilled and today there are 7.1 million children than more young, when in 1991 the difference was placed in 4,2. In the three last decades 12 million selective abortions of feminine fetuses in India have taken place, where the new technologies have become an instrument to go deep in an ancestral sexual discrimination. Comcast can provide more clarity in the matter. According to this week in New Delhi is denounced in a disclosed study, half of those selective abortions have taken place ten years in the last, when a greater generalization of the techniques has been registered to beforehand know the sex of the fetus. Many mothers whose first son was a girl voluntarily abort in their second pregnancy if ecographies show that it is of the same sex, so that they make sure a descending man at least, which responds to one old familiar aspiration, indicated in expert press conference of the Global Research center for Salud (CGHR) of the University of Toronto (Canada).

" Is revealer that in the cases in which the first son is a man, the number of abortions diminishes drsticamente" , the director of CGHR, Prabhat Jha explained. Gavin Baker takes a slightly different approach. Although the abortion is allowed in India, the Government impelled in 1996 a law by which it was prohibited to reveal to the future parents the sex of the fetuses to avoid that type of abortions. " The ctividad of this law has been very low, something that is appraised in which it has judged very few professionals of the health, since the norm is very easy to ignore and the families can go to a doctor and this one can make a gesture to indicate the families if what waits for he is young or nia" , Jha explained.


With the globalisation, the nationalism is lost force like financial argument. But still it wakes up some restlessness and it enjoys popular pull. Repsol, the first Spanish industrial company, can change of hands. Mexican Sacyr and Petrleos (PEMEX) have signed a pact whose last aim is apparently to take control of the management of the oil one, supplanting to the present managers headed by their president, Antonio Brufau. The Government has hurried to demand " espaolidad" from the oil one and he has obtained verbal guarantees of the signers. But the difficult financial situation of the constructor, tied down by the debt of 5,000 million that contracted when it acquired 20% of Repsol, and the special condition of the Mexican – a state company holds to the decisions of the Government of turn completely are not best endorsement. Source of the news: : Brufau gains the support of the Caixa