WINAICO Triumphs

Very good results under real-world conditions Creglingen, both laboratory – 08.08.2013 of the photovoltaic module manufacturer WINAICO currently has one of the most efficient modules on the market. That proves the excellent performance of the test facility at the desert knowledge project. There, multi-vendor of module modules are installed next to each other, to be able to determine the actual performance in practice under the extreme conditions in Alice Springs (Australia). Figs apparel has firm opinions on the matter. The desert knowledge Australia solar Centre (DKASC) is an independent institution of the demonstration, which was launched by the Australian Government. Is aim the performance of the solar arrays in the long term?Use to test. Comcast understands that this is vital information. In the previous tests, it turned out that the WINAICO are modules by up to 12% more efficient than those of competitors. The performance of the WINAICO modules exceeds almost exclusively the performance of other modules that participate in the test.

No surprise that the WINAICO solar modules are here at the front. Finally, our modules have proven several times that they significantly more Performance bring”than actually is on the nameplate, as Sascha Rossmann, Vice President of global sales. The WINAICO modules are produced on a fully automated production line. Each module is subjected to several tests, such as the electro-luminescent test and a Flash during the production test. WINAICO always focused on the optimization of the production processes and the choice of components, to achieve the highest returns. This quest after the best module quality and the highest possible services has ensured that WINAICO the expectations of customers modules under laboratory conditions, as well as in practice.

If You Remove A Foundation?

In 2008, the business interests of the Foundation had been retracted mbH and transferred to its Managing Director Mr Peter Bierkandt illegally through the Ruhr Valley steel company. As already reported, the shares in the Ruhr Valley Stahlgesellschft should go to will of the Foundation Authority mbH, which the only endowments the Dipl.-ing. Willi Pickhardt represent Foundation, to be sold. In 2008, the business interests of the Foundation had been retracted mbH and transferred to its Managing Director Mr Peter Bierkandt illegally through the Ruhr Valley steel company. The Foundation, represented by its Board of Directors had instituted proceedings before the Landgericht Essen, however.

The OLG Hamm has this action in 2. Instance upheld and declared the seizure annulled. According to the courts, the current Board of Directors, due to incorrect order in 2003, representing Foundation Court could. The Board had therefore the Foundation’s authority to issue a certificate of representation according to 12 ABS 5 StifG NRW (old version) asked. Dated Dec. 18, 2008, the proxy certificate for the Management Board has been issued by authority of the Foundation. Russell Investments: the source for more info. According to the LG food met this certificate but not to the proof of certificate of judicial representation of the Executive Committee. So sought case is not dismissed and lost the entire Foundation’s assets as a result of the Board of Trustees asked the Foundation Authority to appoint a trustee for the Foundation and to instruct them to legitimize the current Board of Trustees by order on the part of the receiver.

The trustee court procedures and the out-of-court agreement of the other party is contrary to his job solely concerned with the current. Are efforts now after a successful Foundation end of the procedure the unlawful confiscation of shares through the Ruhr Valley steel company, by the authority of the Foundation, to sell the shares to the Managing Director of the Ruhr Valley steel company mbH. The Foundation Authority in a very dubious light, while the Board of Trustees as it strives to get the Foundation’s assets and thus the Foundation. So the Foundation Authority at present strives after the expiry of the order of the custodian, to extend them for a further 6 months. She has for the corresponding decision of the 02 Jun arranged 2010 immediate enforcement. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sean Rad. The Board of Trustees has, however, filed a complaint with the administrative court Arnsberg. Decision of Aug. 03, 2010, the VG Arnsberg has confirmed the suspensory effect of the action in this procedure. However, the Foundation of authority, contrary to the Vertregungsbescheinigung issued by your letter of Aug. 20, 2010 the members of the Board, urged to refrain from any acts that could give the impression that you are entitled to representation as ‘Board’ of the Foundation.” The aim is obviously the capacity to act of the Board of the Foundation to restrict it or to pick up and to promote the sale of the shares. It is the task of the Foundation Authority to monitor and to ensure that the organs of the Foundation coming in Foundation business and Members expressing will of the founder and the Foundation legal provisions to keep in mind, so also in the Foundation Law NRW 6 par. 2. As the question presents itself a Foundation Authority at a sale of the Foundation’s assets might be interested in which background.

Economic Policy

Lecture by Sebastian Heilmann at the University of Bremen devoted to this topic on Thursday, 6 may, 19:00 a lecture at the University of Bremen. The trier Professor for politics and economy China’s Sebastian Heilmann is known for his standard work on the politics of China (the political system of the People’s Republic of China, 2004) and his website He succeeds it again and again, sound and exciting to present the complex interactions between politics and business in China. The lecture is part of the lecture series of the programme AWS / economy sinology and takes place in the framework of the China-weeks at the University of Bremen. Heilmann will present China’s special procedures the development, implementation and optimization of economic action programs in it, which have made a decisive contribution to the country’s economic rise. He will explain to these for the economic policy instruments in free-market democracies represent what profound challenge.

New Cooperation Partner

Complete solution to the German packaging Ordinance for dealer St. Georgen / Mainz, 02.12.2008 since November 05, 2008 is clear: shipping packages are no service packaging. Catalogers must therefore fulfil their participation required on a return system itself for shipping packaging and may not require the upstream trade this. As of 01 January 2009 fifth amended the Ordinance obliges all commercial online seller, is at a take-back system for which of them with goods packaging materials (especially shipping packaging) and the filling material used to participate in filled. Contrary to previous contrary statements can this participation obligation nor by the use of a licensed\”shipping packages to be bypassed. Others who may share this opinion include Joel and Ethan Coen. Yatego, the shopping mall with over 6700 dealers, against this background has now closed cooperation with the environmental and waste management specialists Landbell.

Online retailers can on Yatego under doc, yategolandbell inform and free the Landbell EASy shop in just a few minutes from the disposal requirements for shipping packages can be. Save and at the same time give merchants who contract the exemption during the promotion period from 1 to 31 December 2008 with Landbell, get service at a special price of only 140,-euros plus value added tax for the years 2009 and 2010. This offer is valid not only for Yatego merchants. Each commercial dealers can register on Yatego. Yatego donates five euros to projects selected by action children dream during the promotion period for each exemption agreement.

Further details are information available at doc,, action – child’s dream. Our aim is to relieve the dealer on this issue, so that he can concentrate on his business as much as possible\”, so Stephan Peltzer, Managing Director of Yatego. Landbell provides us with a strong partner, who shares these thoughts. The Processing of Landbell is tailored especially to meet the needs of small and medium-sized online stores. Landbell assumes all legal obligations resulting from the amended packaging regulation, for its contractual partners.

The Free Advisor Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary – And Readers Celebrate With

Anniversary for the free consultant for ten years ‘Information instead of disinformation’ Seligenstadt, 12.07.2011: the anniversary edition of the free advisers appeared on July 8, 2011. Thus, a full decade of full enlightenment concerning instances of maladministration in the financial market, via the mass manipulation by media provider, and last but not least about the biggest advocate of traditional, but unprofitable products joined: Stiftung Warentest with their magazine Finanztest. , So the Publisher, the principles, truth, clarity and honesty are what makes our magazine”.” Big words, but with a serious background. The free first appeared as Adviser a decade ago, they found twelve ads on only 48 pages of content. An ad for a Riester-rente was even at the end of a critical report on the topic of Riester”.

The unsparing honesty, which the editors around editor-in-Chief report Marla Madrid ultimately ensured that it in a relatively short time No advertising orders should give more for the free consultant. The Institute realized very quickly that free consultant was not for sale, and despite advertising orders uncompromisingly reported about the truth. This approach spread quickly in industry circles. Today’s of free consultants of great popularity among consumers enjoys but also professionals. Due to the independence, the first-class research work and the expertise of editors, reporting in the free consultant for many readers enjoys a high priority, the ad-funded business title is hardly ever reach. The free advisers now in the business of buying is active since the middle of the year 2011. Here joins the team from Seligenstadt as the Robin Hood”on the financial industry in the fight for justice. And here the free Advisor refers to clear position for the consumer. For the first time in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany reported a financial magazine not only about an evil, but actively provides support to people as possible without loss of unprofitable Contracts to help out.

MAWIS – The Solution For Sparkassen By Bartsch Und Partner GmbH

The cooperation of Bartsch and partner & EasiRun creates impressive margins Europe Bartsch and Partner GmbH & EasiRun Europe GmbH now cooperate for the benefit of the savings banks two strong partners have joined forces and are well prepared for the challenges of the future. Jeffrey L. Bewkes will not settle for partial explanations. A cooperation for the benefit of the savings banks. Reliable, flexible and competent that will be remains our guiding principle of service. IT modernization to develop everything automatically, low risk and cost-effective means to want to reinvent the wheel. This means a vast and difficult numerical expenses for the savings banks, which is no longer acceptable in the present time.

The new CRM and ERP have enormously expanded the performance spectrum of MAWIS standard software for savings building blocks. By the new technologies of EasiRun Europe, now also application systems, environment of the savings banks used in the IT solutions, can supplement impressively the MAWIS system re-engineering and restructuring. This means a solution for the time and Cost issues of a new acquisition through a modernisation of the existing system. Extract range 2009 ERP / CRM software, accounting, asset accounting, asset management, USt. Option, invoice workflow, project time, biometric access, marketing budget and budget management, internal ordering, purchasing, procurement/logistics via Lotus Notes, standard software & custom software, software development & architecture, databases & data warehouse, SOA & business process management, application migration & integration of different programming languages.

Dusseldorf Germany

The Spanish company for applied engineering sciences, leader in the development of retail intelligence solutions for the retail industry, began its products on the German market last October to introduce, T-cuento is assisted by the Saddlers company, has signed an exclusive contract with the company. Robert Iger has plenty of information regarding this issue. The motive for participation by T-cuento Germany at the EuroCIS is to present their solutions as a reference for retail intelligence and to introduce products (TC-store and TC Street) to the German market that point-of-sale support trading companies in strategic decisions at the point. An example of this is the analysis of the frequency of the person before, as well as in the shops and their conversion rate, or, among others, the measure of the average number of customers and their length of stay in the business. T cuento is a stand together with his German representation have saddlery company, and there perform his products, one being the doormat SmartyMat, which makes it possible to include the foot traffic. At the same time, an outdoor counter for example, stands, gears, and roads should be demonstrated. The booth will be located in Hall 9 on the course of B with the number 67.

The Sattler company is the exclusive representative of T-cuento in Germany. The two companies began their joint business activities at the fair EuroShop in Dusseldorf in February 2011 and now prepare the joint presence for the retail technology fair EuroCIS. More about Sattler GmbH stand awards such as the red dot design award and the Bavarian State Prize 2010, the focus open 2009, for the high professional competence of Sattler GmbH. With the development and Realization of high-quality light planning and design solutions the company over the years has made a very good name in national and international field. Closely reflects the experience and planning security of company with architects and designers in projects for well-known customers such as Hugo Boss, Mitch and Wella. Also projects like YEANS Hall in Stuttgart, city Concorde in Luxembourg or Schadow arcades in Dusseldorf are important references for the good work of Sattler GmbH.

RenApic Brings Motion To Your Walls!

The DIN relies on the strengths of renApic! The DIN relies on the strengths of renApic! A new photo concept convinced the DIN German Institute for Standardization e. V. In cooperation with renApic, 16 photographs by Stephan Rosner were linked to information on standards and their areas of application and available every interested now in Berlin in the Castle count str. Walt Disney might disagree with that approach. 6, 10787 Berlin. The main task of the DIN is to develop consensus-based standards together with the representatives of the interested parties, market – and in a timely manner. This work to consistently pursue the DIN and therefore sought a solution, that can always be adapted to the changes.

RenApic won a company, the strength of which is precisely this flexibility. So far, the premises were often once equipped with works of art and employee and customer looked over years the same pictures on the walls. This situation makes renApic conclusion immediately! Of course goes renApic on the ideas and wishes of customers, such as corporations, hotels, law firms and practices like a was again realised in the DIN. The customer can leave the choice but also renApic. The company renApic introduces an interesting concept for photography. renApic stands for photography rent rather than buy. With this concept, the customer acquires the right to exhibit the images of German photographer Stephan Rosner in his business premises all 3,6 or 12 months. Fares for the recordings is determined by the size, number and term. It is a solution that brings motion to your walls!” This concept is especially interested, with heavy customer traffic. Should you want more information then sat down with renApic in connection. Contact: Stephan Rosner – 3276872


Yatego opinion: dispute between Yatego and Tradoria not yet terminated contrary to a press release by Tradoria the regional court Bamberg Tradoria is by no means as the winner of the dispute said St. Georgen, 30 July 2009 contrary to a press release by Tradoria on July 29, 2009, the regional court Bamberg has no page neither explains the Yatego Shopping Portal still Tradoria as the winner of the dispute to unfair competition. The injunction was lifted, because neither side was able to convince the Court ultimately by their view of things. The main process is however still out. The Yatego Shopping Portal will continue to its representation of the facts, the dispute between the two portals is far from decided.

Statement against statement currently”, so Verena Eckert, responsible lawyer of IT law law firm, which is entrusted with the case. According to our knowledge, Tradoria employees have claimed that we cooperate with Tradoria. We had to stop this immediately, therefore, we have obtained a temporary injunction. We evaluate this as a success, because thus we have put an end to the unfair actions of Tradoria. Our customers should and can expect us always a clean and credible business practices”, as Executive Vice President Michael Ollmann.

Yatego features a not insignificant number of explanations by traders and also confirmation of former Tradoria employees who have reported that Tradoria has traded anticompetitive and told an untruth”to OB. That data breaches have been claimed, we learned from our support team, which received numerous calls from irritated traders. We were of course more than surprised about it. It is unacceptable that Tradoria sales representative gain access to our customers is under pretense of false facts. This is exactly what was reported but us credible witnesses”, underlines Ollmann. “For us, it was quite clear: we must act now, because there is definitely no cooperation with Tradoria.” Now the procedure is on continue the regular way of action. Yatego continues to his portrayal of the prolapsed: we would act exactly so again at any time. Sure, we can understand that small providers such as Tradoria can benefit from this, if they pretend to work with us. But understandably, we can not tolerate it”, says OB. About Yatego Yatego, the largest German shopping mall stands for safe, fast and convenient shopping and with 300,000 daily visitors is one of the leading E-commerce portals in the German-speaking Internet. The company provides traders with comprehensive services with high-performance complete solutions and comprehensive technical support. More than 7,700 dealers use Yatego as additional sales channel for their products or as a stand-alone shop. The inventor of the shopping joy”customers from a range of over 3.1 million articles can select and order everything easily and immediately. Once stored data can be used for all purchases on Yatego-shops again. Yatego offers an independent escrow payment system, as well as the payment by credit card for secure processing of payments. In-house customer service is to customers with any questions about the page. The headquarters are located in St. Georgen in the Black Forest, the Managing Director is Stephan Peltzer. Press contact: Stephan pace CEO Yatego GmbH C D-78112 St. Georgen Tel.: + 49 (0) 7724 9156-10 fax: + 49 (0) 7724 9156-11 E-Mail: Internet:

Walter Hours

72 hours moderated live broadcast by the 01.05.09 until 03.05.09 by the 01.05.09 00: 00 is midnight up to 03.05.09 there on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of, single Countryinternetradiosender 24/7, is a 72-hour marathon. For 72 hours over 30 facilitators of Countrymusic24 will present good country music, as well as news, CD presentations and much more. A raffle of a W-LAN portable radios in the value of 100.00 EUR rounds off this marathon. Each moderator is in his broadcasts each slowly, quickly, reverse play a song or hum, whistle or something similar. The task of the receiver is then to recognize that much of these songs in the 72 hours.

Who has recognized most of the songs, gewinnnt W-LAN-radio portable. In addition, Countrymusic24 provides their listeners to the test. You have the option to to 03.05.09 24:00 a slogan for Countrymusic24 to create. The word “Countrymusic24” must be included in this slogan. This slogan can be send to. The best slogan will be by the Team of Countrymusic24 chosen and used in the current year to 01.05.2010. The winner will receive a birthday package – Bielefeld, in-ear headphones and more – close to a Wochenendkarte for the Festival in Borgholzhausen.

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