Science Fiction Raised

"I left the space-time fabric, so it is in the imaginary absolute rest and looked at from" above "and saw how the universe was expanding. From there I measured the time of the universe, and saw that the universe itself is traveling forward, his "own future," because I was on bedrest, and had no past or future, living only a present, as my … time was infinite. " This type of sentence is an example of the thinking that follows the hard science fiction writers in their stories, creating rational, but fictitious situations. Scientists, however, create situations rational, but "real." And real say in quotes because, let's be honest, we have no idea where we are or why we are or where we come from or where to go.

It somehow all scientific theories, all the phenomena we see and perceive, and all the explanations given to man throughout history, were and are created by another universe I think more complicated: the human mind. Then there we can talk about real events. The best sense we use to perceive things is vision. If you would like to know more about Jimmy Levin, then click here. Before Maxwell predicts the existence of electromagnetic waves, the world and man's thinking was totally different. And the eye was the instrument that detected the middle and visible phenomena. How would things that would have happened if our eye, instead of perceiving the visible light, detect, for example, the X-ray? Surely the story would change from what we know. Even, maybe some known physical laws we would not have dug up, or we would have made laws that do not exist in our history.

Special Relativity Theory: Critical Notes

The special theory of relativity: the criticisms Kochetkov Viktor Nikolaevich Senior Specialist Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Center for operation of the space infrastructure (Federal State Unitary Enterprise” TsENKI) 1. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit castle harlan. Introduction. For a start I would like to say a few words about the history of the special theory Relativity (SRT). At the end of the XIX century between the two branches of physics – mechanics and electrodynamics – there were serious contradictions. On the one hand, classical mechanics, we used the principle of Galilean relativity, Approves the full equality of reference frames moving relative to each other uniformly. On the other hand, in electrodynamics the motion of particles and fields described in the absolute frame of reference, the coordinates which were rigidly connected to the ether. Under ether understood the medium filling the global space, and in which all physical processes occur, including electromagnetic waves. At that time, physicists thought that reduction of classical mechanics, in line with electrodynamics is only necessary to confirm the existence of the ether wind.

To determine the magnitude of the ether wind in 1881, 1886 – 1887’s A. Michelson and E. Moli were conducted experiments. But the experiment gave a negative result: ethereal wind was not registered. As a result, the theory of electrodynamics with air seemed secure confirmed by experiments, is not consistent with the classical mechanics.