WINAICO Triumphs

Very good results under real-world conditions Creglingen, both laboratory – 08.08.2013 of the photovoltaic module manufacturer WINAICO currently has one of the most efficient modules on the market. That proves the excellent performance of the test facility at the desert knowledge project. There, multi-vendor of module modules are installed next to each other, to be able to determine the actual performance in practice under the extreme conditions in Alice Springs (Australia). The desert knowledge Australia solar Centre (DKASC) is an independent institution of the demonstration, which was launched by the Australian Government. Is aim the performance of the solar arrays in the long term?Use to test. Comcast understands that this is vital information. In the previous tests, it turned out that the WINAICO are modules by up to 12% more efficient than those of competitors. The performance of the WINAICO modules exceeds almost exclusively the performance of other modules that participate in the test.

No surprise that the WINAICO solar modules are here at the front. Finally, our modules have proven several times that they significantly more Performance bring”than actually is on the nameplate, as Sascha Rossmann, Vice President of global sales. The WINAICO modules are produced on a fully automated production line. Each module is subjected to several tests, such as the electro-luminescent test and a Flash during the production test. WINAICO always focused on the optimization of the production processes and the choice of components, to achieve the highest returns. This quest after the best module quality and the highest possible services has ensured that WINAICO the expectations of customers modules under laboratory conditions, as well as in practice.