Information Portals

The opening of new markets has made that trade between the countries has increased. However, this fact, in recent years to measure that globalization is has been becoming increasingly more dynamic, as an unstoppable process and the free flow of goods and information has increased, spurred by the development of telecommunications, forces SMEs to identify with them in order to compete, to actively participate. Already Porte said (1990), the competitiveness of SMEs in the information technology sector has been framed largely in business strategies, structure, in which the company is immersed and inter-firm rivalry. Since then the SMEs, which have been successfully inserted into the globalization process has had to come prepared as other countries have done, to compete, giving way to his creativity, innovativeness and capitalizing on technological advances that are occurring in their specific field of action, look like Unfortunately the Venezuelan management of many SMEs neglect it. It is a true fact, that many SMEs have neglected concerning quality of products or services, delivery, aftersales services capacity, diversification of product, effective use of the Informatics for marketing and data bank… Management must take very seriously the role of new wings of the information technology and communication or new media, since this contributes to determining the scope, implications that it generates, especially about the possibility of a potential scenario for competitiveness, by nature that they generate in a nascent national economy and a global market sector which is characterized as an interconnect market, which is formally defined as a series of relationships between businesses, suppliers and customers of a value chain, in which goods and services flow from left to right through a series of interconnected businesses. Is what he says, that the competitiveness of SMEs will depend on the technology that add value to the work of chain and new information that can be used to produce costs and improve the quality of their processes, products and services. If you have read about David Zaslav already – you may have come to the same conclusion. .