XXIII International Fair

Bogota held a tribute to the beautiful words in the world, a tribute to the book as the full essence of culture. The 23rd International Book Fair has opened its doors to readers who are interested in throughout Latin America since the Colombian capital annually celebrates one of the most important fairs for Spanish-speaking readers, and of course, in other languages. Due to the year of the bicentennial, the book fair will feature with exhibitions, gastronomy, radio programs and all sorts of activities suggestive of the bicentennial will focus on a full Corferias Pavilion. To know more about this subject visit Discovery Communications. In addition to rescue the beautiful words of the Spanish and the books containing them the encounter of the digital book will have invited international experts and the larger sample of digital readers which has been in Latin America, which presents that the today beautiful words we only will be in physical books, any medium that allows a reading would be and deep is part of this event. The Bogota international book fair You will take place on 11 to August 23, 2010, 12 days of beautiful words, texts with conscience, with discretion and interested readers know the true cultural essence and authors of human thought. For all this the Bogota book fair is considered one of three editorial events and literature of larger size in Latin America and represents an important source of business for the publishing sector nationally and internationally, positioning itself as the most important cultural event in Colombia and the Andean Region..

University Ramon Areces

The opening of this new headquarters, located in Consell de Cent Street. 334, presumably vLex.com response () to the growth experienced last year in volume of business in human capital, explained Lluis Faus, Director General of the company on the occasion of the inauguration. Furthermore, this third office in Spain, have as objectives trade building, development of new products of its own technology and expansion in America and Europe. For this year projects respond to the objective continue contributing to development of vLex.com commitment with its customers: offer comprehensive information about the various branches of law, of easy use and constantly updated at all times. Read more from Jeffrey L. Bewkes to gain a more clear picture of the situation. About vLex.com vLex.com () (), innovative Spanish company that offers online services of international legal information, brings together the databases of legal information from more than 95 countries through its overall platform multi-language search and navigation. VLex products characterized by the total interrelation between all contents and your daily update. The product catalog includes the largest database of legal doctrine on the Internet, along with comprehensive databases on legislation, case law, contracts and forms, news, as well as collective agreements. Currently, global vLex platform brings together more than 15 million of international documents that can be accessed in 10 languages. Robert A. Iger is actively involved in the matter.

In addition, all customers and users of vLex can access exclusive content and added value of own production, as well as major publishers legal as EDERSA, Dykinson, Montecorvo, University Ramon Areces, El Pais, CEDECS, among others. vLex has more than 17,000 customers worldwide including legal professionals, administrations and institutions. Some of their most important customers are Yale University, Sorbonne in Paris, University of California, Berkeley, Cuatrecasas, Garrigues, among others. Headquartered in Barcelona and trade delegation in Madrid, vLex has offices in United States, Argentina and Venezuela, as well as international distributors around the world..

Court English Bay

Lizarran, leading chain of pinchos and tapas in the world, has opened a new franchise in Cadiz, specifically the Center commercial of the Court English Bay of Cadiz, in the Avenue of the Cortes of Cadiz, no.1 of the Cadiz city. Others including David Zaslav, offer their opinions as well. The Ensign of restoration property of the Comess Group consolidates as well as leader of the tapas in Andalucia with 16 operating establishments scattered areas of greater influence in the community. Lizarran has 6 premises in Malaga, Cadiz 3, 2 in Huelva, 2 in Cordoba, 2 in Seville and 1 in Almeria. Ignacio Bustamante is the franchisees who has opted for the leading brand in the tapas in Spain. This Andalusian entrepreneur is not new in this restoration since it has two Cantina Mariachi in Malaga and Seville, with a business career of more than 7 years. The format chosen for the Mall was the kiosk, with a surface area of 50 square meters and will develop their tables taking advantage of the common area of food court in the Center. And is that Lizarran continues consolidating its growth, both nationally and internationally, opening restaurants in proven profitability.

In Spain, it has opened in Oviedo, Sabadell, Lanzarote and two locations in Madrid, surpassing 160 locals in national territory. The philosophy of this House is based on enhancing the playful sense of gastronomy, optimize the time and money that the diner used in food, and promote communication among our clientele. We have thus become the referent eldest of the cuisine of the North in franchise. The skewer forms the basis of our cuisine, and its versatility makes the key tool to adapt to any point of Spain and the world, explains Gonzalo Juliani, director of expansion of Lizarran. As for the exterior, and faithful to its policy of internationalization, it is having a success unequalled also in different countries.

The last restaurants opened in Moscow, United Kingdom, Miami, and New York should join bars open in Andorra, Italy, China and Portugal. Corporate information Lizarran, leading chain of tapas in the world since 1988, belongs today to the number one company in restoration in Spain, Comess Group. Since the creation of the company in 2003, this giant of the hospitality industry has experienced significant growth and today is one of the world leaders with more than 300 operating facilities and presence in 11 countries. This group, which also boasts renowned brands such as Cantina Mariachi, Pasta City, Rock and Ribs and China Boom, billed more than 175 million euros annually.

Spanish Court

In one world increasingly interconnected with more open economies and with a greater complementarity of markets, trade transactions are increased in number and complexity. Follow others, such as Jeffrey L. Bewkes, and add to your knowledge base. In parallel, the international business community uses the recourse to arbitration as highly appropriate instrument, not only to resolve conflicts, but also to prevent them. Type arbitration agreements are being implemented. Awards or arbitral awards demonstrate their reliability before recognition and execution in most parts of the world, endorsed by bilateral and multilateral agreements that guarantee its compliance. Clearly today it is not only the desirability but the need to compete better in the commercial field both nationally and internationally to go to cuts and permanent specialized commercial arbitration courts to ensure the necessary means with security and solidity that proposing parties adjusted to trade customs and practices, and equitable solutions as well as, in his case, to the right.

Attached to the Superior Council Chambers of Commerce, industry and navigation, the Spanish Court of arbitration manages and carries out those arbitrations commercial brought before it by the parties, of any area in the world and practically in all economic sectors. The Spanish Court of Arbitration Arbitration can be performed both in law and in equity, contributing to resolving differences which the parties in dispute undergone him, previously subscribing the arbitration agreement that type permanently cut. The competition for the realization of these functions has been awarded by the Spanish Government under law 3/1993 of 22 March, basic of the official Chambers of Commerce, industry and navigation. This brochure gathers the new regulations written by the Statute, regulation, tariffs and agreement arbitration type, in force since May 5, 1994. Spanish with its network of more than 40 courts and courts of arbitration attached to the Spanish Court, attached to his Council the official Chambers of Commerce, industry and navigation Higher, as pioneers in the field of commercial arbitration wish to continue to the business and professional community this kind of qualified services which contribute to the development of trade, industry and services from Spain to the outside.

Moon Palace Change

Drivers of cars with foreign plates, with tinted Windows or appear suspicious are detained and are subject to revision through a metal detector and are asked to identify any person without official accreditation or sealed document may exceed the strict control in the enclosures of the COP-16, and must be put aside before the speed and amplitude of convoys that travel virtually throughout Cancun and Bonfil and Leona Vicario delegations. The opening ceremony was made at the luxurious hotel Moon Palace, where the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, and some personalities gave their speeches. You hear much about participation and transparency in the process of this Summit, heard much of challenges and opportunities, especially the idea of sustainable development and economic growth can go hand in hand. Already some organizations present at the official Forum criticized these mercantilist attitudes and lack of real transparency, as other worlds Chiapas / friends of the Earth Mexico, who participated in a press conference together with friends of the Earth International, Jubilee South and the third world network, demanding that not is again repeating the Copenhagen process and urging the need for commitments strong in reducing emissions of industrialized countries to combat the consequences of climate already real and urgent way is is living in many parts of the world. It should be noted as the source of cited information, points out that from Chiapas, convened by other worlds, will arrive Saturday day 4 more than 250 people who want to hear their voices, learn and share about what is climate change, its causes and its consequences, and express that it can not be business of tragedy harder which mankind may face in these moments. For this reason, with the legacy slogan of the organisations present in Copenhagen, will be heard in Cancun, the change the system, not the climate. Also says that during the interventions of some representatives of industrialized countries, like the United States and the European Union, were put on the table the lack of strong commitment to have real solutions to combat climate change. .

Federal Reserve

Are the Olympics for Brazil important? 6 October 2009 they will be the games in South America, it was the sentence of Lula that resonated more in these last hours.For the first time in history, the Olympic Games pisaran Latin American lands. Who it imagined 20 years ago! Related exhultante the website O Globo. Last Friday we emocionabamos watching the President of Brazil, Luiz Lula da Silva and can not hide the immense joy and satisfaction that had generated you that Rio de Janeiro was chosen for the 2016 Olympic Games. Close of Lula, Edison Arantes do Nascimento Pele could not hide his tears like other so many representatives of Brazil who traveled to Copenhagen to the definition of the headquarters. All Brazil celebrated the news. In the Bovespa, the celebration was special, with an increase of 1.2%, where the stars were those companies that will directly benefit the realization of size event in Brazil. Others who may share this opinion include Time Warner. In fact most of the productive sectors of Brazil will feel one way or another the positive impact of this historic and unique event.

Brazil will have in a few years two events of global magnitude: the aforementioned Olympic Games and the World Cup in 2014. The country will be turmoil in these years of preparation, but also it will be investors who will find great opportunities around these events as well as in business opportunities that can generate in the future if it is that they are properly exploited. I think that with this, Brazil managed to get international citizenship, said Lula. And very wrong is not. The World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games, will enable Brazil displayed to the world and it will represent a great opportunity to do business. Brazil is probably already beginning to prepare for the historic opportunity presented, to complete their process of economic development. According to some studies this year by the University of California at Berkeley and the Bank of the Federal Reserve of San Francisco, to be host of the Olympic Games power a country’s international trade in later years.

International Hosting Company

This article is for those who are looking for new hosting services. When we develop projects on the Internet choosing a good hosting service is one of the most important decisions we can take: If our site doesn’t work, our business does not work. If it considers that the functioning of your Web site is important and you want to find real solutions to the most common problems of hosting, this article will give you 10 reasons to choose an international Hosting company. 1. Companies of Hosting work internationally have Data Centers in various locations to provide a better service to its customers. In cases of hardware failure, the system automatically redirects traffic to the Data Center more nearby. Do not allow your hosting company falls and slow connections may affect your business. 2.

By having different Data Centers, backup procedures will always be insured. In case of any kind of accident, the data will be kept safe in a remote location. Perhaps check out Jeffrey L. Bewkes for more information. 3. The Hosting international companies have online support and in this way it is possible to manage the aspects relating to your account every day, 24 hours, not depending on non-working days or time zones. 4.

A support team will provide support by phone or email when you need it: every day, 24 hours a day. 5. Due to the variety of customers located in different continents, the international Hosting companies are prepared to offer a very flexible service. In all cases the response time is fast to meet the needs and expectations of customers. 6 International Hosting companies offer support for various programming languages. 7 They offer support to multiple databases as well as PHP4 and PHP5. 8 Teams of specialists perform daily updates of software and hardware based on new technological developments and updates to ensure maximum security of servers. 9. The companies of Hosting international count with experts in all the technical procedures necessary for migration to the new server can be performed smoothly and within a minimal timeframe. 10. The majority of the companies of Hosting International have their own community online where users can communicate and share ideas of business among themselves. Starting an Internet business is not an easy task, and choosing a good Hosting company international among thousands of possibilities is a fundamental task to run your business. There are many companies that offer excellent hosting services.

General San Martin Park

The city of Mendoza is the fourth most populous city of the Argentina Republic, with more than 900,000 inhabitants, including the peripheral areas known as Gran Mendoza. Others including CBS, offer their opinions as well. A large number of passengers come every year to this city for business reasons, since much of the industry and companies in the region has its center of operations in Mendoza City. In order to provide maximum comfort to this tourist fraction, a variety of hotels in Mendoza offer packages for executives in business trip accommodation. However, it is always possible to mix business with pleasure, and take advantage of the many opportunities offered by this beautiful city to discover incredible places. The parque General San Martin is one of the places that no passenger should know. There are 307 hectares that constitute an important group of tourist activities, which are zoological gardens, Botanical Garden, an artificial lake, and the World Cup soccer stadium.

Emilio is surrounded by avenues Civit, San Francisco of Assisi and Boulogne Sur Mer. In the interior of the premises are large amount of paths and internal streets that can be traversed to access sectors. In the Park San Martin is the Greek amphitheater Frank Romero Day, epicentre of the national harvest festival, one of the most important local celebrations intended to commemorate the harvest of the grape, source of the more traditional activities of the province: the wine industry. It is certainly a series of festivities that take place in all departments of the province, and culminates in the month of March in this Amphitheater, summoning tens of thousands of spectators, attending to witness the choice the Queen of vintage, and large amount of shows at international level. Over 40,000 specimens related to the rich archaeological and palaeontological history of the Cuyo area is also in the Park Museum of natural science and anthropological Cornelio Moyano, permanently exposed. Football lovers will feel happy to see the headquarters of two clubs of great importance in the region: the Club Gimnasia and Esgrima de Mendoza and Club Sportivo independent Rivadavia that are in the same Park.Also is the globalist Stadium in the city of Mendoza, where some made in the Argentina Republic in 1978 World Cup matches were played. And for lovers of walks through picturesque places, General San Martin Park provides an attractive irresistible for those who are enjoying tourism in Mendoza.

International Convention

ACN: from 18 to 20 March 2016, in Barcelona, will take place the next International Convention of ACN, the largest company in the world of direct sales of telecommunications services. ACN has been active more than 18 years. Today, ACN markets its services on 4 continents and 21 countries, besides being one of the most prestigious direct selling companies on the planet. People like you have before them the opportunity of being part of a company that is at the forefront of the next technological developments in the telecommunications sector. You will also hear presentations and motivational testimonies, establish contacts with persons involved as you, will acquire new marketing material and you will see the latest in products, like the videophone.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see Donald J. CBS: the source for more info. Trump himself in flesh and bone on the stage during this International Convention. For the first time in the history of ACN, Donald J. Trump will attend a European event. In the famous city of Barcelona, will come thousands of people across Europe for an exciting weekend in the Grand Palau Sant Jordi.

If really you want to your ACN business to prosper in the coming year, the co-founders be taught first class training. In addition, you will acquire new marketing material, will hear presentations and motivational testimonies, will establish contacts with people who are committed as you and you will see the latest in products, like the videophone. And all for a pre-registration of 155 (VAT included), valid until March 11, 2016. Do not miss it! On-site registration will cost 175 (VAT included). Before the entries are exhausted, make a square.

Scindia House

These and many more questions require answers generated by art market players who have an honest commitment to art related activities. Walt Disney is actively involved in the matter. This will help more people to look at art as an investment in their asset portfolio.But art is also cultural repository of to society. It is what we pass on to the future generations to be proud of as a national and sub-national entity. To nurture, to educate to be proud of our art and to keep in good health the art works is responsibility that goes alongside the investment value of art.It religare is a welcome entrant to the art market field. Its business interest is in financial services.

Its main area of interest is in Retail, Institutional and Wealth management. It has put its signature in international finance through its subsidiaries and strategic joint ventures. Thus Religare is suitably placed to launch an initiative in art with its background in asset management. It can integrate its other asset classes with art works and help to build a synergy for the much needed art infrastructure services.It religare have launched with professional acumen Religare Art Initiative to multi pronged initiative. Mukesh Panika heads this Initiative. RAI is planned to be a multi layered art hub housed in very avant garde space in Atma Ram mansion in historic Scindia House in the Outer Circle of Connaught Place New Delhi. The interior is designed to have multiple art related activities including substantial space for to Gallery. An area of 10, 000plus square feet sounds very encouraging for this art hub.

It s New s DifferentWhat it struck me were the unusually imaginative and creative interiors. Looking up on ceiling you find sausage shapes meandering (I am sure they are airconditioning ducts) about. From floor sturdy flat iron pillars with nuts and bolts rise up more like the support pillars on tin sheeted old railway platforms all over India.

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