Australian Aborigines

On the day of the innocents we joke suggesting that native Americans may have reached Europe before Columbus. However, all scientific evidence shows that America was always colonized by immigrants from other continents. After 1492, Europeans imported tens of millions of minions theirs, Africans and later Asians. Prior to that date they speak of travel from China (1421), Mali-africa (1311), Scandinavia (10th century) or elsewhere, but none of them left deep marks. Until recently it was thought that the first Americans came from Siberia through Alaska for more than 10 to 13 thousand years. However, the first stone tools found in North America (Clovis) more would be related to Western Europe, where people skirting the ice layer which then connected with Iberia could have arrived. In Chile, Brazil and Mexico, would be even more ancient remains have been found, and some date from 30 to 60 thousand years ago. The same colonization that departed from Africa-that arrived by boat in Australia 60,000 years ago well could have been spread to South America while analysis of cave paintings in Brazil or rites and natives of the South of the South Cone DNA would show influence of Australian Aboriginal.

Cologne Paris Theater

\”Cologne Paris Theatre Futur3 meets Theatre you Cristal Futur3 cellar leichen Futur3 asks for your help\” 06/07 and June 09-11, 20:00 Jack in the box, bird’s anger St 231, Cologne theater presents: Theatre you Cristal \”Le dernier CRI / the rage\” (Paris) Germany premiere! June 12-13, 20:00 Alte Feuerwache Koln, Melchior RT 3 in the last episode of GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE 09 June embark French actor with and without handicap on the search for the individual. The German hosts find a body and ask the audience for help. \”\” Who when, where, what, how, what and why done? \”Futur3 in cellar corpses wonder\” and thus entangle themselves in a philosophical detective story. You may want to visit David Zaslav to increase your knowledge. The spirit of a prostitute, a dead dog, no body and a confused witness no easy task for the Commissioner and his team. But it is here at all to a crime? On the grounds of Jack in the box\”in Cologne Ehrenfeld is an international Futur3 Ensemble to make a course of action.

It traces secured and chased the perpetrators. The world appears here as a crime scene, where the numerous and diverse tracks overlap musical, dance and performative. Still, who wants to decide what really happened? The Parisian guest ensemble Theatre du Cristal works preferably with actors by their disability, place new demands on theatre work and created this unusual aesthetics and theatre languages. \”\” The first part of Le dernier CRI / the rage ‘takes a look in the noman’s land\”. Figures in black in the style of Rene Margritte and Samuel Beckett do not attract attention and seek shelter in the anonymous mass. Tell also of loneliness and emptiness of their futile attempts of individuation and the poetry of random encounters. However, the figures in the second part, want it at any cost what wool, prove their uniqueness. In vain they fight against the impossibility to maintain a continuous identity until the social masks break into an amusing comedy.