Global Heating

Now it is a well established theory that the effect of relatively small variations in the radiation of the Sun are amplified primarily by the cosmic rays. The solar wind protects the Land, in some extension, of the cosmic rays come of the remaining portion of the universe. When it diminishes of intensity, as a result of diminished solar activity, more cosmic rays reach the atmosphere, ionize air molecules and form nuclei of the water drops. These produce clouds that reflect the solar radiation in return for the space, cooling the Land. The computers of the IPCC are incapable to explain this important effect of the cloud, what it raises doubts on the validity of the calculations of them. Secondarily, the increased activity of the Sun results in more ultraviolet radiation that makes with that more ozone if forms of the oxygen of air.

This ozone absorbs almost all the increased ultraviolet radiation, increasing the temperature in the atmosphere and heating the Land. The calculations indicate that a change of 0.1% in the solar radiation can cause a change of 2% in the ozone concentration, what affects the temperature and the circulation of air. S. Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery in the book of them – Global Unstoppable Warming – they stand out that this test the narrow linking enters the irradiance of the Sun and the climate of the Land; what it contrasts with the thesis not proven of that increased Co2 concentrations they are causing the global heating.

comment of them that 240,000 years of data of ice nuclei show that the Co2 concentration increases later that the temperature of the Land increases, and not before, is significant. Thus also &#039 is told; ' recess ' ' of time of 800 years. It can be that the sea, that keeps a great amount of Co2 of the Land, liberates part of this when goes up the temperature of the ocean? After all, the contribution human being of Co2 concentrations can not be important. Jack Phillips is a writer who lives in Massachusetts. It is formed in chemical engineering, a emrito member the American Society of Chemistry and a member of the society of Sigma Xi. It also is author of Suppressed Science published for AFP.Leia more on Global Heating

Global Primacy

There can no longer be a problem of this magnitude outside of the struggle for global primacy or components free of ideology. We know how difficult it is set according to people and more so when these people express political vocation. What's more, there are those who deny the problem or say it is a sort of invention of certain ideologues. More below or above these differences, characteristic of the human condition, "There is increasing recognition at least in some centers that often affect the determination of the global agenda, which is to emphasize the measures that has been taking so far. There are circumstances that allow accentuate the depth perception of what brings us together in this communication. Days ago we had the good fortune to be invited to a conference on small stocks, which took place in a village in the Province of Buenos Aires, in the July 9 game: Patrician. The topic for which we were called were the century of railways in Argentina.

Shocked by the premise that we have quoted above, we began to think out loud, comparing the need to internalize the environmental variable on the Economy, which commemorated the sesquicentennial. From there revealed that the background of the century and a half, emerged from the settling of a sustained daily by oil (first coal, then oil). We bring it up that inference, because the effects of what we sobrepreocupa, it is relevant, assuming there is a culture that boasted of the abundance of hydrocarbons in order to support our daily lifestyles.