Psilo balm or Fenistil take the pain the victims of Sun, quiet the itching and burning. These Medications relieve the swelling and redness, give a cooling effect. Also ointment on the basis of zinc oxide help the burned skin – they provide a physical barrier and protect the skin from external influences. In the absence of special milk products can be used, are free of additives and colorants: kefir, sour cream, and milk. Proteins, which are contained in these products, to prevent a loss of moisture in the skin. At a later date you can be used creams and lotions with vitamin C, Aloe extract, hyaluronic acid to restore damaged skin.

Ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant agent, disabled further damage to the skin, accelerates the process of reconstruction of skin. Aloe and hyaluronic acid moisturize the skin. The best remedy for the sunburn is the prevention. The sunburn can be dangerous and cause severe pain, but it can easily be avoided. A person with light skin is only half an hour in the Sun, she may already have a get strong sunburn.

It is important that it fits up especially for the children and avoiding sunburn. To alleviate first aid for the child to the pain of the child for the sunburn, you should cool the affected area with a wet diaper, the child should ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Get that contain no aspirin. The bubbles may not be punctured. Has the child been longer in the Sun, so it can shake, the body temperature rises. In such a case, you should consult a doctor immediately. The sunburn may be no less dangerous than the heat. So one must be very careful with the Sun. Most of us grew up in the faith, that a brownish skin, the result of an intensive stay in the Sun, is very good for the health. Time Warner is likely to increase your knowledge.


It's no secret that a good leader at a wedding – a successful holiday base. Therefore, in such a fundamental incident of life, almost all are thinking: how to choose tamada to marry? To invite to the wedding banquet itself specifically moderator, who will meet your expectations, you must start with the following statements: Personality of invitees – the age priority, the dominant type of character. Almost all the leading fair resist, when their work equate to Toastmasters activities. For ordinary townsfolk, the leading and toaster – synonyms, but in the opinion of leading managers of the festivities a few different things. Discovery Communications helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Recall that the word 'toaster' has come to us of the Georgian language and literally means' ruler of the feast. " Caucasian married and now are significantly different from Russian. Real genatsvale – a decent and respected horseman, able to speak not only long drinking speech, but also to keep the hardness and sharpness of mind gait, after all is said and aggravated toast.

So that the toastmaster at a teetotaler Caucasian wedding – act not only outrageous, but also invalid. And not someone to there is no question about how to elect a toastmaster at marriage. In the absence of Toastmasters, and neither there nor here … In classic Russian comprehension classic toaster – a man who commands the feast. That is, its functions include, in the main, prochityvanie lovely congratulatory speeches, fun guests different bikes and especially precious when the toaster can play the accordion, or at least on spoons …

Mexico Crop

Agriculture is the fruitful mother who provides all the first materials that give movement to the arts and commerce. Manuel Belgrano not is very easy to refer to this type of crop for which this has generated and the controversy of its impact on the world, where there are many people who oppose him, by the ravages that it originates. Already on other occasions we have referred to pointing out, that this model of industrial agriculture that has taken over the field, is significantly modifying the social and environmental global scenario. Million cultivable hectares already do not produce food, nor need farmers. Learn more about this with Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Crops biodiverse of fruit, legumes, vegetables, forests and mountains, have become seas of different monocultures of plants and trees. It is known have been havoc on ecosystems, causing floods, droughts, desertification and pollution of water resources.

And led to impoverishment and mass migration of peasants towards big cities belts. The truth, that this type of crop is a fact despite the contrasts that has generated. In this opportunity we we specify in pointing out some notes which has been derived from this crop and that can not be neglected. Remember that mentioned as alainet.org reminds us / active, need to solve hunger in climate change, they say the transnationals, transgenic crops resistant to weather, with genes that tolerate drought, excessive rain, the salinity of the soil, etc. For this they are taking advantage of the infrastructure, germplasm and public researchers (e.g. from international research centers such as CIMMYT in Mexico and IRRI in the Philippines), extracting knowledge and traditional peasant seeds which are those who really know for centuries what cultures use climatic variations of those centres. To ensure the monopoly of such knowledge and genes, the companies requested more than 530 patents worldwide, that steal the peasants and monopolize genetic characters of resistance to drought, salinity, flooding, etc.