That is, failing a thing, he occurs to another one. Sad, not? if I will not have more faith to believe that God can open the Sea, and that It can make to-somente me to walk for on waters, as for It had some difficult thing, or a thing was more easy to carry through of what to another one? Equally sad! ' ' It has, porventura, some difficult thing the Mr.? ' ' , the proper Gentleman asks to us, in Gn.18: 14. Jeremias Prophet, representing all the legitimate believers, answers that not (Jr.32: 17); I, particularly, am with Jeremias in this reply. JESUS, IN YOURS PRESENCE (TO ONLY ADORE YOU TO PRA): ' ' To adore pra you,/and to make your great name,/and only to give the louvor to you that must,/We are we here ' ' The Dictionary presents us many meanings verb TO MAKE it. To give existence or forms; to create; to construct; to build; to manufacture; to manufacture they are only some of them. The song says: ' ' TO MAKE your great name ' ' Exists the possibility of somebody to make the Name Mr. great Deus? That is, as if the Name of it he was not great, he still did not exist as great, and then to give existence or forms to the Name Mr. I eat great? To create the Name Mr., only now great? He is possible? ' ' To the Law and the Certification! ' ' (Is.8: 20) Let us see if the Name Mr. Deus already is great, or if it has the necessity of somebody to make it great: It, YAHWEH GOD, say exactly of itself: ' ' But since the spring of the sun until the west MY NAME IS GREAT BETWEEN the NATIONS; in all place if offers to my Name incense, and a pure oblation; because MY NAME IT IS GREAT between the nations, says you of exrcitos.' ' (Ml.1: 11); ' ' I will santificarei my GREAT NAME, ' ' (Ez.36: 23).

Madrid Everest

Sport transmits values which these are not. Attempting just reaching the top of Everest without oxygen. Oiarzabal: He was playing balls during its descent. Edurne Pasaban has ensured Friday that criticism among mountaineers, as the discharged against her by Juanito Oiarzabal, are doing much harm to Spanish mountaineering. We are giving a bad image.

Sport transmits values that these are not, he said, with reddened eyes, in a press conference at the airport of Barajas and the broken voice. Passed has landed at eight o’clock in the morning in Madrid on a flight from Qatar, after trying without success to reach the Summit of Mount Everest without oxygen. For anything we put as an excuse the rescue of Lhotse so as not to summit Everest, he has affirmed the puppetry. Oiarzabal accused passed on Wednesday, at a press conference in Vitoria, of having used his rescue in the Lhotse to cover the failure of his expedition. In addition, said that the expedition of the Basque not be He bobbed from base camp until the last moment and the balls were touching while the descended in a sorry state. Passed recognized be very hurt – these statements hurt the people who we want to – and before the question that why they had not participated in the rescue of Oiarzabal and had been coordinating at the base camp, was limited to say: I recommend that you go to the base camp of Everest and see what is the Himalayas. Ask him why he has said what he has said. In the base camp we had a good relationship, said Pasaban at Barajas airport.

The montanera has commented that the Spanish expeditions in the Himalayas are not frowned: say that you always mount trouble. This year was not ours. We are back home with the illusion of try again and with the satisfaction of doing things well, she added. According to his account, the expedition Everest without O2 left Spain last April, after 42 days in the field base with hard work and a good climate adaptation attempted to reach his goal on May 21, but desisted by bad weather and strong wind. They intended to retry, but participation in the rescue of the Andalusian Mountaineer Lolo Gonzalez, who was lost on the descent of Lhotse, and later Juanito Oiarzabal, which took a hard fall Summit due to lack of nutrition and hydration, according to the own mountaineer, left them exhausted.Lolo was a dangerous site, had fallen ropes and was a complicated bailout, said Pasaban, who has assured that if it had not been for the support of commercial expeditions, such as the Benegas brothers, you don’t know what might have happened. About rescue Oiarzabal, said he had done what had to be done and it has ensured that not repent anything, although it has been predicted that in the Himalayas will be thinking about doing these things from now. The Basque climber It is the first woman who has managed hollar top of the fourteen eight-thousanders in the world, and with this expedition, wanted to culminate his gesta on the higher ridges of the planet with an ascent without oxygen to Everest’s 8,848 meters.

USB Stick Production

Since beginning of 2009 provides the MK DiscPress GmbH your customers one include services related to the production and processing of USB sticks. Since beginning of 2009 provides the MK DiscPress GmbH your customers one include services related to the production and processing of USB sticks. “These sticks are now no longer restricted to the transport used by data, but are also increasingly music sticks” used instead of audio CD’s, so that the product advertising stands out from other music productions. The MK DiscPress GmbH has about 50 different stick variations in their Portfolio.Von standard sticks, leather, metal and wooden ribs to bracelets and cheque cards. Each stick can be also duplicated, i.e. played with data. For appearance, a printing screen printing can be done depending on the type and design of the USB stick.Also embossed and different engravings are possible to provide an exclusive and unique look, the stick the individual customer to withdraw from the masses.

The Areas of application the USB sticks can catalogues, music, videos, software, presentations, content of Web catalogs, complete websites or even an effective advertising give away”be at trade fairs or exhibitions. A production of USB drives is possible starting from 50 pieces. Besides the normal”data preloading is also the application of copy protection possible. Engraving is for some stick even a custom personalization possible variants. This personalized information can be for example serial numbers, names, addresses, telephone numbers, email address or similar. A USB stick can function be provided also with a startup, the when the Insert the stick into the USB port automatically opens a program or document. The sticks are offered with storage capacities from 64 MB up to 16 GB. Contact: MK DiscPress GmbH Sieme 4 86695 Norden village

KUHN Specialists For Chain Stores: Smart Decisions Instead Of Opinions

Meanwhile, chain stores in the Filialhandel that are purchasing restraint but that hardly prepared track solution for profitable growth in the branch network. Keep exhausting branch business, for surprising events out accumulating like inside. The signs of change are evident. Especially the fragmentation of markets is daily and depending on the cross-linking density is higher, unpredictable effects and repercussions such as, for example, the competitive pressure on revenues and income or the difficulties are more likely with suppliers and trade credit insurers, which provide additional strains on liquidity. Often, those responsible for Filialgeschaftsentscheidungen hide the environment and work book with superficial knowledge as the examples of chain stores have become insolvent.

This is risky, but understandable, because they are not rare in the stranglehold of different requirements. Therefore, the reactions occurring risks fail too often defensive and at best relieve the damage as the example of fallierten department store chains. For chain stores, the change in the Filialhandel requires a flexible fit and the rethinking of the own organization and process patterns. Leadership knowledge presented the new portal in this situation. Here the chain on the basis of their own data can be quickly and without obligation a picture, which is promising and viable in the future. Quick check is a new service for chain stores, trying to give an answer to the following question: what opportunities exist and what if they are used? It is to think about an offer in scenarios and to understand the world of the modern Q1 as a networked system. Quick check combines the Filialgeschaftspraxis, its financial aspects and an empirically sound foresight in terms of market development, editing and Filialsystemmanagement. The service is available for a system-oriented analysis of the complex reality of filialunternehmerischen. The quick-check service will give suggestions, how a chain through more systematic the dictations of the day-to-day can escape as he achieved a better informed and more clearly assess risks.

Intercultural Training Is The Key To Success

Business partner France Gottingen, 07.08.2009 France and Germany apply for a long time as in partnership linked – so to speak as a “team” – but rather in political as in economic terms. Solely on the basis of geographical proximity, many companies believe that economic cooperation should not cause special problems. We’re so neighbors, so the common opinion. But in addition to a neighbor you can live for years without really knowing him. The differences between the two cultures perceive only in the course of cooperation many of the French and Germans – often with trouble and delay work that could have been avoided. The Germans and French are fundamentally different: in her expression, thought and action. IKUD seminars offers therefore 02-03 December 2009 an intercultural training France”to the through the mediation of knowledge of the French culture and language laid the Foundation for a differentiated perception is.

Cultural awareness is also an active Process: Role playing, simulations, group work and discussions is programmed by experience level. Using a guided reflection of these active elements of the training, the participants can develop ultimately intercultural competence. This two-day seminar is aimed at participants, within the framework of their companies or organizations (or individual) tasks in France take over or plan to do so and in this context with French contact. At the same time, it is suitable for businessmen who work with French business or team partners in Germany. Special topics are on the French relationship with the authority, position and function of a French chef, the question of how to make decisions and expressed criticism, but also on the handling time (work schedule, appointment and compliance). Who can use his own cultural background in relation with foreign cultural French, has the chance to make meetings at a new level: at the point of Misunderstanding and irritation occurs successful communication.

In the business context, this simply means an increased effectiveness in negotiations, contracts, and in the everyday working process. A genuine, effective and productive team building is possible. At the same time it is possible to find a deeper access to the French culture and the people the Germans but also on a personal level worth investing in a cross cultural training. Interested contact: IKUD seminars gloomy str. 21 37073 Gottingen Tel.: 0551 381127-8 Fax: 0551 381127-9 E-Mail:

Education Initiative: German Educational Price

Education makes a winner. This applies in particular to the German training award, which is awarded by the prestigious House of technology. The prize is endowed with 10,000 euros. House of technology initiated first price winner makes for concepts for further training food education. This particularly applies to the German training award, which is awarded by the prestigious and traditional House of technology.

Persons, initiatives, institutions, etc., which are active in training and have sustainable concepts in this increasingly important area are called upon to take part. The prize is endowed with 10,000 euro, the award-winning work will be presented within the framework of a documentation of a broad public. Applications can be submitted now. The deadline for participation ends on October 15, 2009 training up to the principle of lifelong learning is today than ever before. This applies to all professional sectors, in particular for the areas of technology and engineering with its rapid pace of development.

Just who his horizons expanding innovation can create Prof. Dr. ing. Ulrich Brill, Executive Board member at the House of the art and one of the initiators of the German training award explains elementary for each business location. Wanted: Concepts, projects and scientific work In the focus of the German training award are concepts and projects, but also studies and analyses with scientific claim around the theme of novel multi-employer training. Individuals, institutions, associations and companies are entitled to take part. The submitted projects should be not older than two years and either already been implemented or in the implementation phase. The publication of scientific work should not more than one year behind. Detailed documentation of the winning project, all submissions are evaluated by a star-studded Panel of judges. The relevant assessment criteria are in the degree of novelty, the economic relevance, the potential impact, the Practicality, as well as the cross-sectoral importance. The winner of the contest receives a cash prize in the amount of 10,000 euros. His work will be publicly presented in the framework of a comprehensive documentation and made available to all interested parties. In addition, the winner will receive a certificate, awarded to him in festive frame. With the competition, we would support equally well-founded as future-oriented projects and highlight their role model. Also we want to further raise public awareness of the central importance of continuing education in all areas, commented Prof. Brill. The deadline for submissions to the German training award on October 15, 2009. The German training award is awarded annually. The jury, composed of independent experts, appointed for three years, not a member of the prize founder belongs to you. More information and the registration form under press contact: Trimedia communications Germany GmbH Jan Leder T. + 49 (0) 211 96 485 41 F. + 49 (0) 211 96 485 45


Yatego opinion: dispute between Yatego and Tradoria not yet terminated contrary to a press release by Tradoria the regional court Bamberg Tradoria is by no means as the winner of the dispute said St. Georgen, 30 July 2009 contrary to a press release by Tradoria on July 29, 2009, the regional court Bamberg has no page neither explains the Yatego Shopping Portal still Tradoria as the winner of the dispute to unfair competition. The injunction was lifted, because neither side was able to convince the Court ultimately by their view of things. The main process is however still out. The Yatego Shopping Portal will continue to its representation of the facts, the dispute between the two portals is far from decided.

Statement against statement currently”, so Verena Eckert, responsible lawyer of IT law law firm, which is entrusted with the case. According to our knowledge, Tradoria employees have claimed that we cooperate with Tradoria. We had to stop this immediately, therefore, we have obtained a temporary injunction. We evaluate this as a success, because thus we have put an end to the unfair actions of Tradoria. Our customers should and can expect us always a clean and credible business practices”, as Executive Vice President Michael Ollmann.

Yatego features a not insignificant number of explanations by traders and also confirmation of former Tradoria employees who have reported that Tradoria has traded anticompetitive and told an untruth”to OB. That data breaches have been claimed, we learned from our support team, which received numerous calls from irritated traders. We were of course more than surprised about it. It is unacceptable that Tradoria sales representative gain access to our customers is under pretense of false facts. This is exactly what was reported but us credible witnesses”, underlines Ollmann. “For us, it was quite clear: we must act now, because there is definitely no cooperation with Tradoria.” Now the procedure is on continue the regular way of action. Yatego continues to his portrayal of the prolapsed: we would act exactly so again at any time. Sure, we can understand that small providers such as Tradoria can benefit from this, if they pretend to work with us. But understandably, we can not tolerate it”, says OB. About Yatego Yatego, the largest German shopping mall stands for safe, fast and convenient shopping and with 300,000 daily visitors is one of the leading E-commerce portals in the German-speaking Internet. The company provides traders with comprehensive services with high-performance complete solutions and comprehensive technical support. More than 7,700 dealers use Yatego as additional sales channel for their products or as a stand-alone shop. The inventor of the shopping joy”customers from a range of over 3.1 million articles can select and order everything easily and immediately. Once stored data can be used for all purchases on Yatego-shops again. Yatego offers an independent escrow payment system, as well as the payment by credit card for secure processing of payments. In-house customer service is to customers with any questions about the page. The headquarters are located in St. Georgen in the Black Forest, the Managing Director is Stephan Peltzer. Press contact: Stephan pace CEO Yatego GmbH C D-78112 St. Georgen Tel.: + 49 (0) 7724 9156-10 fax: + 49 (0) 7724 9156-11 E-Mail: Internet:

City Light Motorized Posters By LA CONCEPT

Innovative & mobile outdoor advertising with the moving scooters the medium moving Scooter”the Cologne advertising-full-service provider LA CONCEPT is further expanding its product portfolio in the area of mobile outdoor advertising. Moving Scooter”consist of a beautiful Vespa and a two-sided, illuminated city light poster, which is connected as a pendant with the scooter. In addition to the eye-catching posters, this medium offers further added value. “Managing Director Ben Gondek: by stop and go” actions are the driver as a promoter at the disposal and can present products or sample flyers and promotional material. Options are also sound, Bluetooth transmitter and GPS tracking systems. Together with our other illuminated media partners and customers during the winter months the full can draw”. “Learn more see: mobile advertising/moving-scooter.html LA CONCEPT is your full service partner, when it comes to modern, perfect advertising communication without limit” goes.

Because your goals and needs individually tailored, we can make our seven business units. Mobile presentation systems digital communication exhibition of large-format printing advertising and special promotion – MOVE YOUR fire prepress …synergetisch put together. This allows the production, provision and fastest delivery of highly efficient advertising solutions from a single source. Of course you can count at any time on our professional support in the listed areas. To meet your full service coverage in digital communication, we now offer all-round support for innovative, targeted, effective and cost-saving digital solutions one with our sister company NEWROOM MEDIA. Our mission is whether you use our services in the context of image and promotional activities or events, trade shows and events of all kinds, the all-time expert advice, complete organization and perfect realization of your ideas. Welcome at LA CONCEPT, we are pleased that your to become a reliable partner!

Turkish Grinding Wheels

Packautomatic PR report Karbosan, Turkey since 1967 produced the Turkish company Karbosan Istanbul grinding discs, as well as other products related to the topic of grinding and polishing. Of 30.00 square meters all products produced on a surface, assembled and packed with over 350 employees. Karbosan worldwide sells its range and the request to the logistics have increased much, the company has decided for an automatic packing machine of the Ennepetaler specialist Packautomatic. The way the counted product stack used manually on Produktaufnahmedorne of Bela de tape. This can be grinding, flexo, fever discs or sandpaper rolls. A predefined clock enter the stacks to the loading station. The products are here optically recorded and stopped briefly for the automatic removal.

The Bela de gripper lifts the product stack and puts him in the feeding position of shrink bundling machine on the mandrel of the located there. After the task, the machine produces a shrink band around the Slices stack. Depending on the foil overhang the bottom and top is covered. Is the capacity for use by 25-30? LDPE shrink film between 10 and 16 beats per minute. In the subsequent shrinking station is above and below over foil band by means of a connection to the stack of shrunk. Concluded, the shrink-wrapped product stack is automatically transported through the discharging charging manipulator on an outfeed conveyor. Packautomatic Severinghauserstr 28 58256 Ennepetal Tel. +49-(0)2333-9798-62 E-Mail Internet:


New MK DiscPress GmbH – FlexibleDISC MK DiscPress at the FlexibleDISC of the first eco-friendly DVD. Using today’s materials and technical processes, the FlexibleDISC offers all the advantages of a standard DVD. And this same capacity, playability and excellent optical and electrical properties. The FlexibleDISC is not only thinner, lighter and more flexible than a standard DVD, it is also completely free of toxic bonder. FlexibleDISC less is often more, the difference becomes apparent when you take a look at the carbon footprint of the FlexibleDISC. Compared to the standard DVD, the FlexibleDISC to 50% is less polycarbonate, the oil-based basic raw material for the production of a disc. Saves 50% of energy in the production by the halving of the raw material consumption. Are all factors taken into account when producing a FlexibleDISC instead of a conventional DVD, reduce CO2 emissions by 52%.

But it is not only the carbon footprint (CO2 balance) which is low. The thinner FlexibleDISC reduces the volume of the transport from the factory to the consumer clear, resulting in reducing shipping costs and to conserve fuel. The storage capacities are higher for the FlexibleDISC and their low weight saves postage. The flexibility guarantees a higher durability when it is processed, packed or delivered to consumers. And finally, when the disc reaches to the end of their life cycle, she can be recycled by the absence of the toxic adhesive to 100%. FlexibleDISC a proven concept of the FlexibleDISC offers not only an economically viable and environmentally friendly alternative to a standard DVD, it already has a successful job history in the most important magazines and newspaper publishers, major consumer goods manufacturers, Governments, and editors of film, educational and promotional content. Switch the FlexibleDISC to FlexibleDISC of the environment for the sake is the logical choice for the fulfilment of your important climate goals. When your company is obliged: “to offer more sustainable products and processes. You want to minimize your carbon footprint/greenhouse gases to stop”If you are in favour of reducing oil dependence climate change if you want to benefit from the energy saving or you want to prepare only the CO2 tax then you should get to know the FlexibleDISC. For more information see: news MK DiscPress GmbH Wolfgang Kleinhappel Sieme 4 86695 Norden village 08273/99 59 39 0

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