Data Protection Supervisor? Alone Are The Requirements Not To Deal With!

Topics that want to be edited: cloud, new EU data protection regulation, Google +, Facebook, BYOD, Smartphone, WEB 2.0. To make the privacy organization requires good expertise from multiple disciplines and organizational talent. Legally secure implementation of data protection rules is to hedge, the relief which hopefully believe business / agency head in and, as you also to your. Many writers such as Robert Iger offer more in-depth analysis. In your organizational work check the legality of proceedings, submit templates for contracts and operating agreements, provide advice to specific privacy inquiries, recommendations on the implementation of new data processing techniques, design processes from a data protection perspective. Andi Potamkin is often quoted on this topic. Instruct staff, negotiate contract terms with third parties from and check the internal as well as external contractors. Almost every month new privacy issues to which you should provide advice arising (cloud, new EU data protection regulation, Google +, Facebook, BYOD, Smartphone, WEB 2.0,…). It’s actually still without Support? How to keep this huge field in sight and be always up to date? You need support! Actually, they ought to be the goose – you expect it – but these are wishes. What do you to work in a Duet? Let your partners highlight the new requirements and take to own the results of his work as a values of basis of.

Get this support in the form of opus i module ‘Practice Advisor data protection and data security’. You’ll be amazed at how little good advice costs. Helmut Bartels’ is your partner in the Duet and who created him ‘Practice Advisor data protection and data security’ and the publishing house man and media. Helmut Bartels’ we found the Privacy Professional, where the rare combination of expertise, awareness of the reality of practice, organisational talent, revision and quality management experience are combined. A rarely good, but exactly the experience we wanted to offer you. Helmut Bartels’ practice Advisor is at a University for privacy training Students this is but a good reference. Also on the trust ‘Practice Advisor data protection and data security’ and ‘opus i’ by Crown-soft. Check it out here: privacy/datenschutzchecklisten.html and Gerhard Kron

PS3 And Change Announce Collaboration

PS3 presents the world’s most powerful AC regenerator for high-end AV systems in conjunction with change. Of course: Electricity comes out of the socket, in almost all German households. But power is not equal to the current. There is quite qualitative differences. What appears to be good enough for standard electricity consumers, many quality-oriented audio and video fans is a thorn in the side.

Because in Germany hardly a power supply delivers clean flowing energy. Too many confounding factors polluting the stream in the local area network, circulate for interference and thus the voltage from the socket easily vary. The results are poor sound or image errors. Voltage spikes and general power surges that can quickly cause damage to more expensive electronics are also dangerous. So then even a complete failure of sensitive components will be risked.

Our unique solution to this problem comes from the Canadian specialist of energy change. Connected to the mains socket, the system provides new and clean energy downstream systems and isolated them safely from the remaining power supply. When power has to be perfect, is local regeneration\”with change the solution. Comparable with a high-quality battery the high-tech delivers solution best shielded stainless flow regardless of mains fluctuations. The batteries of the PurePower systems provide for complete independence from the power grid. So, the supplied electricity directly from the battery, comes what is resistant to errors of the grid, such as a total blackout, the connected systems. The PS3 GmbH in Rheine is now bringing the PurePower innovative products on the German market. The cooperation is a milestone in our company history. The latest AC regenerator of PurePower are capable of power amplifiers of the reference class to new, dynamic height. We represent change nationwide and are sure that the audio and Videophilen product line is make enthusiastic waves\”, according to Managing Director Christian Ahrens.

Smart Meters To Profitable Customer Solutions Expand

eQ-3 AG shows solutions for utilities and service providers on the smart homes in Vienna empty, can combine different technologies for an integrated smart energy network September 16, 2010 as energy suppliers and service providers, shows the eQ-3 AG on the smart homes Conference in Vienna, which will be held together with the renowned metering & Billing/CRM Europe. Hall B, stand SH 21-22 enters into eQ-3 from 22 to 24 September targeted to the diverse requirements of utilities, municipal utilities and end users. The theme intelligent energy efficiency solutions is the main focus of the fair. The worldwide interest in automated solutions to measure and in particular reducing energy consumption has risen steadily in the past years. On the one hand, experts expect that 2014 already 20 million households worldwide with smart metering technology will be equipped. On the other hand, it is not clear whether and how the end user of this technology can be obtained. Utilities need therefore concrete solutions, they want in the future by benefit from this boom market.

EQ-3 AG shows during their exhibit intelligent smart energy concepts, ranging from smart metering components on energy efficiency to intelligent home automation solutions. The eQ-3 AG has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings with more than 180 types of products in the area of home control and energy management system solutions and is also a market leader in the field of electronic heating thermostats. Home automation and energy saving solutions from eQ-3 are sold already for many years through distributors, system integrators, channels, utilities and as OEM products. The HomeMatic system, for example, includes more than 70 products in the fields of heating thermostats, lighting control, security technology, door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, gateways and home centers to software products of partners. The combination of design and development in Germany with manufacturing in our own factory in southern China brings optimally consistent quality and cost aspects and makes an ideal the eQ-3 AG Partner, when it comes to intelligent energy saving concepts. In brief: The ELV/eQ-3 Group counts for more than 30 years as innovation and technology leader in home automation and consumer electronics in Europe. Since its inception in 1978, ELV has established itself as a trend-setting electronics mail order company on the German market and more than 11,000 products offered online and catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. With more than 180 product types, eQ-3 as a manufacturer of home control and energy management system solutions has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings.

The brand HomeMatic”includes solutions in the field of wireless home automation, heating thermostat, lighting control and security systems door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, gateways and home centers to software products of partners. Product development takes place exclusively in the headquarters in leer. It is produced in our own factory in South China with certification according to ISO 9001, VDE, VdS, UL and ETL. These Combination brings optimally consistent quality and cost aspects. More information:. Press contact: Bernd Grohmann eQ-3 AG, marketing of head of & business development Maiburger Street 29 D 26789 Leer + 49 (491) 6008-661 PR Agency: Olaf Heckmann Sprengel & Partner GmbH Senior Vice President feathers first breed 3 D-56472 Nisterau + 49 (2661) 91260 – 0

Ricoh Global

With the managed print Unilever can concentrate services Ricoh at European level on its corporate strategy and the achievement of its business objectives.” The Ricoh Company Ricoh Company, Ltd. (Ricoh Company”) is a leading global technology company, focused on the Office and production printing markets. Ricoh works with organizations in all parts of the world to the modernisation of work environment and optimizing the efficiency of documents. The company employs over 108.500 employees in Europe, North and South America, Asia-Pacific, China and Japan. Ricoh Global provides strategic support services and acts as a permanent strategy partner of Ricoh multinationals operating in all parts of the World. With a virtually unrivalled network model for direct sales and service and standardized, seamless solutions, Ricoh provides its customers services global sustainable value creation. Ricoh customers can worldwide rely on a partner for their entire needs. The Ricoh Europe Holdings plc is a corporation and the EMEA headquarters of Ricoh Company with offices in London in the United Kingdom and Amstelveen in the Netherlands.

The EMEA network alone includes more than 35 sales subsidiaries and sister companies. Where on the 31 March 2009 financial year, Ricoh generated income allocate 523.4 billion yen with its companies in the European economic area. To 25.0 percent of the total turnover of the Group worldwide. Worldwide sales of the Ricoh Company for the fiscal year end March 31 to 2.091.7 amounted to billion YEN. Unilever of Unilever mission is to enhance the joy of living. Every day we deal with new tasks in the areas of nutrition, hygiene and Body care.

To do this, we produce branded products, which increase the feeling of well-being and encourage the good looks, so that we get more out of life. Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer products that are rooted in more than 100 countries in all parts of the world. Its product portfolio includes some of the best-known and most popular brands worldwide, including thirteen brands with sales of more than 1 billion, and the company is in many categories of global market leader. This portfolio includes amongst others the following brands: Knorr, Hellmann’s, Lipton, Dove, axe, OMO, CIF and Vaseline. Unilever employs approximately 174,000 people in almost 100 countries; his annual sales reached a total of 40 billion in 2008. contact for inquiries: Ricoh Germany GmbH Vahrenwalder Strasse 315 30179 Hannover contact person: Tobias Poschl, Mario Di Santolo Tel: 0511 / 6742-2517 or 0511 / 6742-294 fax: 0511 / 6742-264 tobias.poeschl(at) mario.disantolo(at)