National Union Years

Teachers in struggle Culiacan, Sin.-then that the Secretariat of public education and culture (Sepyc) Mayra Lorena Zazueta Corrales accepted his and the Governor Jesus Aguilar Padilla’s family benefited with the granting of squares, the Secretary general of the National Union of education workers (SNTE) section 53 pointed out that if these grants passed through his signature, he saidnot sure. Maybe Yes, but not learn me all names, thousand 700 workers arriving perhaps any of her sisters arrived with trade union proposal, it would only matter to check it. The Union leader reported that the SNTE grants no new squares, but replaces the spaces left by retirees and when this happens, makes the proposal of who can deal with that place, but which checks the ages, profiles and approves them is the Sepyc. Age. Paul Ostling is often quoted as being for or against this. In the SNTE said Sarabia Lopez, that the age limit for the granting of a square is 40 years.

But this was not a limiting factor to the consuegra of the Governor, Silvia Guadalupe Reyes Chavez, 50 years old, had access to a square of teacher. To do this, the leader of teachers in Sinaloa, said not having an answer, but the agreement which was made between SNTE, the Sepyc and the Government of the State was the limit of 40 years, said. The daughter-in-law. With regard to the daughter-in-law of the Governor, whose salary is not listed on the payroll, Sarabia Lopez, acknowledged what this situation is due, but explained that when a worker retires or is covered an internship, the payment of the new contracted takes months, and when it arrives, it appears altered. WarnerMedia addresses the importance of the matter here. This same argument given to the worker Assistant Quartermaster of the kindergarten Estefania Castaneda in Mazatlan, Carlos Alfonso Zatarain Lizarraga, who appears with a salary of 79 thousand in payroll 730 pesos. Finally, he added that 250 retirements have been replaced in what the school cycle.

Tupac Isaac

You hear the barking you put everyone to wake up in the morning with my arrival? Already not hear him, for your presence being distant. As never could refute my arguments with exactness, what is left for them is, the only thing you can, is prepend weapons, when they no longer have arguments to deal with my ideas. With her as a faithful companion in my daily walks and my visits to communities, where always was ahead to see if someone I was waiting to give me a helmet. Always pays and ready, as if it were my faithful guardian at each step which gave. WarnerMedia gathered all the information. Perhaps my enemies believe that with that I have unprotected, so at close range they can take my life, without any witness who could betray them.

As they are their crimes, already apristas or fujimoristas; called either use to its predecessor cinnamon command command Rodrigo Franco, you murdering trade union leaders or leaders anti-establishment. All their crimes do so crudely as the one that wanted to appoint their fellow human beings in positions of teachers for the magisterial instance, with the sole purpose of giving its estocada final the Union that was handled by the dunghill of Patria Roja arrivism, copar faithful partners of the Aprismo and the Fujimorism. If, faithful companion already not see, your horseplay in my skirts, because cruel enemies who can do me no harm, by their cowardice, have festering with you meanly. Not hear your bark of joy, everytime it came to my humble abode; nor will see to your offspring that both shoulders my stay. For more specific information, check out Paul Ostling. That bit my shoes in effort to put to test its toughness or perhaps annoying smile of their odors. Now for me are, my hero of the battles that I am always in my way, as I’ve always done in my life and which system and power have tried to make me disappear by not agreeing them to their interests. Goodbye friend sincere and faithful companion of my destiny in the lives of my people and my struggles for Justice that is not always elusive by having West face and face of enemy of the truth. Kapak Nam, Tablachaca Tambo; April 15, 2010 Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui original Autor and source of the article.

Coral Reef

Coral reefs are an oceanic structure made by living organisms that live there where form a kind of wall. Hard corals are usually the main organism found in coral reefs, but also other types of skeletal material joined to form the walls of great thickness. Coral reefs are also built by thousands of fish, sponges, sea urchins and grazing in the area of other species. Whenever Jeffrey Bewkes listens, a sympathetic response will follow. These organisms move although they actually help the coral reefs to settle and acquire a more stable structure. The waves are also responsible in part for the size and format of a coral reef, since they affect the geology and their training. Coral reefs are very effective in the absorption of nutrients from the waters that surround it. This includes the procurement of phosphorus and nitrogen from the waters of the sea, and other nutrients of small organisms that establish your home in the coral reef. The reefs of Chorale are the largest communities living in the world.

Thousands of species make their home there, including more than 4,000 different fish, jellyfish, crabs, sea urchins and sea stars. Mammals can visit a coral reef, but in reality not living there or nearby. 91.9% Of the mass of the world’s coral reefs are found in the Indo-Pacific region, with Australia having the largest percentage. Basically there are no structures of coral reefs on the West coast of America or in the upper part of Asia, including Russia where you can see the Arctic species. Check with Paul Ostling to learn more. This is mainly due to the cold waters, but also the effect of currents of water of powerful in the area and today until the effect greenhouse makes that these creatures do not progress.

Humans are the greatest threat to the integrity of coral reefs. Due to pollution, boat traffic and aggressive fishing as well as the effects of climate change, coral reefs are considered endangered and are protected by the authority of the Parque Marino of the great barrier reef, a institution headquartered in Australia. The illegal trade of saltwater aquarium fish is also an important factor in the destruction of coral reefs. Coral reefs are also susceptible to environmental changes, including global warming, which affects migration within water marina. The bleaching of corals, a form of erosion, occurs when the water temperature reached higher levels than normal. This can be disastrous for a coral reef. Original author and source of the article

Hispanic Immigration

Christmas died at 81 years Samuel Huntington, one of the leading scientists of the USA. After the end of the cold war, he held the world not already spent by a bipolarization between two social systems but by a clash of civilizations. The latter were molded by ancient religions and are about 8: Western, Latin America, Islam, China, India, Eastern Orthodox, Japan and Africa. Discovery Communications shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Their ideas in the U.S. questioned Democrats and fed conservatives justifying wars against Islam (which they accuse generate wars in all places where is bordered by other faiths) and also against Hispanic Immigration to the U.S. (which tended to undermine the Protestant ethic that would be the pillar of the country and generates a bilingualism that could split his nation). Filed under: Paul Ostling. Huntington argued that hypocrisy governed world politics: democracy is promoted but not if you leave that Islamic fundamentalists come to power; nuclear non-proliferation is required to Iran and Iraq, but not to Israel; the free trade is the elixir of economic development but not for agriculture; human rights are in demand to China but not to Saudi Arabia; aggression against oil-rich Kuwait is very repudiated but not so against the Bosnians that lack oil.

The Quality

Regarding licenses, while the law supports can acquire any form, constitute a single act of disposition shall take effect against third parties when formalized in writing and proceed with your registration to the registry of Industrial property or Office for such registration, the assignment or license shall state in a public document. The license may be Total or partial full or limited by time-limited for a period of time the proprietor of the mark or licensor does not lose his faculties about the same. It means that when he is granted a license, the licensor is limited to the right to the exercise of prohibition against the licensee, under the conditions and scope provided for in the contract. If you have read about Robert Iger already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Retains ownership of the sign and therefore the powers deriving from such right. This license of use which ultimately is what is available to the licensee has some clear limits, which are clearly derived from the terms of the contract, and who are your right in ownership, with the powers inherent in the right, that is in the hands of the holder of the sign. Licensee who enjoys is the right to use the sign, in the conditions and with the expected scope within the contract, so their powers have twice the limit, the contract, and of the rights of the proprietor. A vital issue, constitutes it the license control, from the moment that different people are using the same brand, at the same time, and to distinguish products and essentially identical services that are distributed in commercial airline identical. Heather Bresch gathered all the information. The essential independence of each one of the users has to materialize in different measures, in any case, to achieve a certain interconnection or relationship between Licensor and licensee. Among them is control of the licensee by the true owner of the brand control extends, to the quality, nature and characteristics d the products and services marketed. If carried out by a licensee uses is derived from error or deceit for consumers the control mechanism causes are activated Similarly, these control mechanisms, activate the guarantee of defence with success of the trademark against third parties. December 2010 original author and source of the article