Normalista City

This shocked very, however it was not the sufficient to discourage me. The desire was latent, however my horizon esbarrava in about the yard. However at the end of the year of 1968 my father faleceu one second enevoada fair, Had until a chuvisco, there for the five and half or six hours of the afternoon, what in certain way he combined with what says Nietzsche regarding the twilight of the being: ' ' The largeness of the man is in being a bridge and not an end. What it can be loved in the man is that it is a transit, and perhaps. I love those that only they know to live as the ones that if they establish in perhaps, therefore are the ones that atravessam' '. (apud ONATE p.20) I was orphan literally: with the death of my father, my mother lost the sadness, became aptica person, did not bind more pra nothing, nor pra it, my brother alone worked, did not stop in house, lived the proper luck. Same luck was that I already had concluded 4 series and now if to have with who to count was perplexed. Worse it was that in that city it did not have as to continue studying therefore did not have the Ginasial Course.

It always thought about as it could be teacher and ' ' diploma' ' it would not have to be of that my brother spoke. I decided to look an exit. I talked with my mother who did not have as to help itself, that I would go to look an alternative for ' ' ours vida' '. Everything that I possua that I could be changedded into money was a little pig – a little bigger that a cat and minor who a dog. I decided to vender the little pig and to arrange the luggage, that did not have lock, and I left for the next city where it had school and courses of formation of Normalista.

Procedural Information

Subject-procedural information – is a deeply materialist at its core, which coincides essentially with the origins of medicine and psychology, the desire to link one or another manifestation of the mental with the existing knowledge of the structure of the central nervous system. However, because throughout the history of science, such knowledge was extremely limited, the reduction is due primarily object and method studies often reveal the actual difference between all the variety of information about the human psyche, a pre-scientific experience in psychology, and relatively meager data obtained as a result of this information. Nevertheless, the development of this approach, related to the change of concepts about the relationship between brain and mental, directly coincides with the entire forward movement of psychology as a science. In historical terms, subject-procedural information is basically the same with the development of the localization problem. For a long time the localization of mental functions was to anatomical and physiological fantasy. True, Alcmaeon (VI cent. BC. Oe.) Parmenides (540 BC.

Oe.), Hippocrates (460 – 377 BC. Oe.) Erazist-rat (310-250 BC. Oe.) and Gerofil (335-280 BC. Oe.) saw body mind brain. Galen (138-201 BC) ascribed a special role in the cerebral ventricles. This idea continued Nemesio, considered the "front ventricle" of the brain the seat of perception or imagination (cellula phantastica), average" – a receptacle myshleiya (cellula logistica), and "back" – a repository of memory (cellula memoralis); of the same opinion, and Albert the Great (1192-1280) and Even Leonardo da Vinci, the person who committed this naive with the modern point of view of representation handwritten pattern. And finally, as we know, Descartes, all localized brain activity in the pineal gland. Now all These views may be of interest only to historians of science.

Top of really scientific study of the localization is marked by a long and still not ended the struggle of so-called "localization tsionistov" (Gal, Brock, Wernicke, Kleist, and others) and "anti-lokalizatsionistov" (Flourens, Kussmaul, Goltz, Lesch-Do, etc.). Particularly acute controversy proceeded representatives of this trend on the issue of aphasia. Opening Brock "motor speech center" (1861) and Wernicke – "Sensory" speech center "(1874) would seem to mean a victory in terms of lokalizatsionistov. But within the theory of aphasia, as a reaction to the narrow localizationism quickly emerged antilokalizatsionnye trends, and the fight continued with undiminished intensity. Over the past decade have been made many remarkable discoveries that put the problem in an entirely different plane. G. Moruzzi and H. Megun showed that electrical reticular formation or setevidnoi – complicated in structure clusters of nerve cells in the brain stem – is the activation of the cortex, immediately recorded on the EEG. This discovery formed the basis of completely new ideas about the nature of links between the receptors and the cerebral cortex, namely, the belief that activation of the cortex is mainly in two ways: by a specific stimulus for a given path through the system, containing special kernel and pathways, and through non-specific reticular system. Consequently, we can consider, say, perception as a process that includes preliminary "setting on this irritation, "the very act of preparing the perception that, as is known, coincides with the results of psychological research.

Chinese Olympic Hostcities

Press information of the German fan Portales OLYMPIA.DE 05.2008 was set up for the first time in 1996 as a themed sports server to the Olympic Games. The title is one of the oldest sports sites in the German Internet and many millions of sports-interested surfers know the prominent Web address. Initiator of the journalistic publication is the Association of the Olympic Fan Club from Kiel, producer is the Publisher of The topic Portal provides information for 12 years of the modern Olympic Games, the Olympic movement, as well as the ancient culture phenomenon”Olympia. The current edition of OLYMPIA.DE is the “XXIX summer Olympics in Beijing 2008” dedicated to. The thematic editorial began with the preparation and the qualifications of the German of Olympic team and a vision of China as of winter 2007 / 08. The online reporting with the subsequent news coverage will run until October 2008. It NET visitors are expected at this time around 2-3 million.

The magazine offers a professional sports Department, which will be updated during the days of competition up-to-the-minute. In addition to the sports news,. Etc. reports about the Olympic family, country & people are match reports, appointment scheduler, result tables, nation’s Cup, star portraits and much about the Chinese Olympic Hostcities published. The results and experiences of the German Olympic team are in the focus of the coverage. The editorial staff cooperates not only with freelance journalist, but also with press agencies and radio China International. Your contact in press matters: The German fan magazine published by Verlag 24116 Kiel, Eich Kamp 11-13 Niklas E.A.. Dany Tel. 0431 2404230 fax 0431 2404240 eMail:

Jewellery Channel

The jewelry channel knows, what a perfect outfit and his most beautiful watches already presented in the 16th century were built the first portable watches that were available at that time but still in form of pocket watches. Only the wristwatch prevailed in the 20th century, for practical reasons, which is still, despite mobile phone watches, great popularity. In addition to their practical purpose, the watch is of course also wonderful to round off a great outfits. The jewelry channel offers beautiful watches that fit to any outfit and any occasion. The taste of the clock has changed steadily in the last years and is now very diverse.

Nowadays any type of watch design appeals; with digital display or with pointers, simple, striking, elegant or noble, whether for sports or fitness. The watches assortment of the jewellery channel is nearly unmanageable and offers something for every taste and every occasion. The great thing is that the clocks of the jewellery channel are very affordable and Nevertheless lose nothing by their quality. The jewelry channel used only the best materials in his jewels and can remain there still cheap. It is possible that the jewellery channel refers to his material directly from the mine and processes them in our own factories. Thus be saved considerable costs, which then of course positively affects the prices for the jewellery channel. The clocks of the jewellery channel suited very well as a gift, no matter whether for you or him, because nowadays the trend goes, that watch makers have far more than just a watch.

So for example a noble and elegant watch, which is decorated with beautiful and precious gems, a beautiful and special gift for a very special lady and met not only the purpose of the joy of the gift, but fits wonderfully to an elegant night outfit and also meets the practical purpose of the clock. More information about the wrist watches of the jewellery channel or the latest watch trends, see. Press contact: The jewellery channel Germany GmbH k RT 3 40221 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211 93 00 611 fax: 0211 93 00 667 E-mail: about the jewellery channel Germany GmbH: the Dusseldorf jewelry channel Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly traded parent company, vaibhav gems limited CF in India. Wholly owned factories in India, Thailand and China the jewellery channel in Germany and the jewellery channel in England and the United States make the jewelry exclusively for customers of their sales channels.

Midwest Material

Example: During the rising price of oil in the first half of 2008, the explanation and the possible reason for the phenomenon resulted from this law. The increase in industrial consumption of China and India worth the price of a barrel of oil at $ 145. Leave aside the factor of speculation and price manipulation by Big Oil. In any case the law of supply and demand continued to be closely linking the price / value of a product to a particular material reality. At that time we said that such escalation could only be a bubble, since it was difficult to imagine an increase in demand proportional to the tripling of oil prices in so few months. From the hysteria on in September 2008 the price of oil collapsed to less than $ 40.

Before they did the prices of U.S. homes. What happened to the material side of reality? A tsunami devastated the twenty percent of the houses and killed five percent of the population of the world? No. Not even the terrible tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 had the slightest effect on the global economy. Any earthquake shook the foundations of Chinese industry? Any plague devastated the crops in the Midwest? No.

Have you stopped drought worldwide machinery for food production? No. Any philosopher infested the world with an ideology based anti who contracted demand of useless products to thirty percent? Less. So what is new but a breakdown in the relationship usually remains bound (1) the material world (2) the tyrannical reign of abstraction of capital? The current global crisis is a crisis of symbols-credit and investment capital that ended up dragging the material world to a real crisis.

Ultimatum Entrepreneurs

The employer puts the week that comes as a deadline. It ensures that the protest is leading them to ruin. They wanted to make a revolution and it has left them a pilgrimage, they say. It is running out to Madrid’s employer’s patience by debris that causes to their businesses of motion 15-M camping, so you have put on the table a deadline for reaching an immediate solution, which could be on Monday or Tuesday of next week. So has expressed it in this Wednesday afternoon the President of CEIM – CEOE (Confederacion Empresarial de Madrid), Arturo Fernandez, at the end of the meeting that he and the President of COCEM (Confederation of specialised trade of the community of Madrid), Hilario Alfaro, among other representatives of entrepreneurs, traders and hoteliers, have maintained for a little more than hour and a half with the Government delegate, Dolores Carrion, the second to celebrate after the May 24 in this matter. Carrion has tinged words of Fernandez: obviously they (representatives of entrepreneurs and traders) can not put us a date.

There is a date so I give them full information of all the work that we are developing. We’ve been that on Monday and Tuesday I am open to receive them again and hopefully as it is fixed by then, he added. (Government delegate) has put us a road map and may be imminent that one day of these fixed, but is a secret plan, he added Fernandez. COCEM, Hilario Alfaro, President explained that have asked the delegate of the Government to retrieve the principle of authority to Madrid and have asked who is funded this history of the Puerta del Sol, because out there, consider, possibly come the solution. In his opinion, the kids camped wanted to make a revolution and it has left them a pilgrimage. Alfaro recognizes, however, that the campers are complying with three petitions that asked: that while it lasts the camp that separates five meters from the facades of shops, leaving free the adjacent streets and deleting shopwindows cartels.

Karma Chameleon

This fact to bring us a general principle, which are human resources specialists sometimes forgotten: people should try to be as individuals, not as members of a group or a class. And in his country: does that make his Government against labour exclusion?In Peru, there are rules on the subject that qualify it as illegal to limit access to employment for reasons of age. In addition the Ministry of labour of Peru has an Office that reviews weekly employment listings and in those where you put age limit, they proceed to locate the company for that reason logic of its proceeding, otherwise are punished. Their action is limited, but worse is nothing. You know that: in United States there is a law on discrimination in employment on grounds of age (1967). It prohibits the employment decisions are taken from the age of the person when this is over 40 years old. A cross in the middle of Mecca.To help you in this crusade, I give some weapons with which he can fight this myth. Leave clear that they are only weapons, the foirma as use them will depend on whether continuous or not with life: 1.-you have experience in direction of personasUn primary factor for competitiveness in the labour market when it is greater than 40 is to acquire experience in supervisory positions, in which the interrelation with work pemit groups achieve goals.For example: coordinating groups of young people running the tasks specific.

Recommendation: proves to be capacity to coordinate or monitor personalTenga always a positivMantenga attitude, an impeccable appearance 2-Culture Club: Karma Chameleon a. candidates competing for a place with many minor ones should demonstrate its ability to adapt to changes, because that’s one of the reasons why seeks young people and also one of the myths more disseminated cons elderly people Since it accepts that they are not prone to changes, the custom .usted knows. Recommendation: Flexible Muestrece to changes 3.-a second options employer known case of the founder of the franchise of McDonalds and Kentocky Friend Chicken. Age is no limit to start new projects. Recomiendacion: Acquiring training in microenterprise training or in self-employment.

In your country there must be government institutions that develop these competences and above all are free. Find out. 4. Only he knows ustedEnfocar your job search on the experience. This includes your level of expertise high, especially linked with technical areas. Recommendation: Explode your experience or skill levels.Devote their efforts in find a colored this according to their experience and that you really like and motivates you. 5. I know you from the hair to the tip of toes.Do not defeat the contacts that were harvested during a lifetime of trabajoSon people who know us who can usually talk right or wrong of our performance. Former colleagues, subordinates or heads. Maybe them requires skills for specific project /problema that cannot be resolved. Recommendation: Keep the networking alive. Finally: You’re not Noah (of the Bible) is young, the age is a number and the attitude to life is what truly defines our personality to the other., do not take any tra Bass only by need. If you can wait and learn about options that do it. Patience is a virtue for people with lots of experience. If you want to discuss this article write at: already thank you very much for your time and interest.

Colombian World

Benjamin Disraeli: Never man devised more pernicious nonsense than in trade treaties. AN attack without precedent the inhabitants of the Guajira Peninsula have been traders for centuries and have done so without anyone to teach them: is the natural thing for those who are facing the immense ocean, a friend that serves to keep in touch with the world and next to the border, which pass through freely on one and another sense as one of the scenarios of everyday life. The guajiro have been enshrined since even before traders in that scene appear the Spanish conquerors. For decades Maicao was the epicenter of the commercial activity of La Guajira. Attracted by its geographical location came to this town people coming from different parts of the world who managed to turn the small town into a city prosperous, promising and vigorous, point of arrival and departure of goods from the most important ports of the Caribbean to several cities in Colombia and Venezuela and Colombia.

The organized employers in the country always trade in La Guajira they saw with distrust and pressed the national Government so that it imposed measures of control and so happened particularly in the 1980s when the country embarked on the so-called economic openness. It was in that same decade when local leaders, after intense negotiations with the central Government managed the creation of the area of Uribia and Manaure Maicao special customs regime and, later, the creation of the Development Fund of La Guajira. With the issued rules regulated commercial activity and ended (or that wanted to become) the stigma of considering the guajiro as smugglers and serious harm to the national economy. Various situations made trade from Maicao to lose its attractiveness and hundreds of merchants migrated to other regions and countries in search of better conditions for their businesses. Trade in Maicao became a very poor reflection of what was in the decades of the seventies and eighties and himself, practically to survive. But the survival not It was easy: should withstand new adversity as the removal of the banking entities and new restrictions from the authorities. However, the most absurd, harmful and discriminatory still to come and it came wrapped in the condemnable Decree 3038 figure, a measure made with carving just of the condemned to death, with the precise specifications to affect a victim in particular and delete it from the stage of open competition, equality of conditions and legal stability which are based on healthy economies and democracies of the free peoples. Decree, conceived so tricky and malicious, suspicious aims of eliminating trade in liquors from Maicao to favour interests other than in the Department of La Guajira.

Fortunately worktable created after the discussion promoted in good time by the representative Wilmer Gonzalez, has managed to slow the effects of the rule though, on that same stage of consultation, has been able to palpate the intransigence of those who represent the Government. Trade in Maicao and the of the Guajira have because fight against everything. Even against the incomprehension of some of their Colombian brothers who have not understood yet that trade in the peninsula is not a matter of buy and sell only but it is almost the only option of generating resources for the support of thousands of families. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a prestigious Colombian academic dedicated to teaching, journalism and the world of conferences and seminars.

Ricoh Global

With the managed print Unilever can concentrate services Ricoh at European level on its corporate strategy and the achievement of its business objectives.” The Ricoh Company Ricoh Company, Ltd. (Ricoh Company”) is a leading global technology company, focused on the Office and production printing markets. Ricoh works with organizations in all parts of the world to the modernisation of work environment and optimizing the efficiency of documents. The company employs over 108.500 employees in Europe, North and South America, Asia-Pacific, China and Japan. Ricoh Global provides strategic support services and acts as a permanent strategy partner of Ricoh multinationals operating in all parts of the World. With a virtually unrivalled network model for direct sales and service and standardized, seamless solutions, Ricoh provides its customers services global sustainable value creation. Ricoh customers can worldwide rely on a partner for their entire needs. The Ricoh Europe Holdings plc is a corporation and the EMEA headquarters of Ricoh Company with offices in London in the United Kingdom and Amstelveen in the Netherlands.

The EMEA network alone includes more than 35 sales subsidiaries and sister companies. Where on the 31 March 2009 financial year, Ricoh generated income allocate 523.4 billion yen with its companies in the European economic area. To 25.0 percent of the total turnover of the Group worldwide. Worldwide sales of the Ricoh Company for the fiscal year end March 31 to 2.091.7 amounted to billion YEN. Unilever of Unilever mission is to enhance the joy of living. Every day we deal with new tasks in the areas of nutrition, hygiene and Body care.

To do this, we produce branded products, which increase the feeling of well-being and encourage the good looks, so that we get more out of life. Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer products that are rooted in more than 100 countries in all parts of the world. Its product portfolio includes some of the best-known and most popular brands worldwide, including thirteen brands with sales of more than 1 billion, and the company is in many categories of global market leader. This portfolio includes amongst others the following brands: Knorr, Hellmann’s, Lipton, Dove, axe, OMO, CIF and Vaseline. Unilever employs approximately 174,000 people in almost 100 countries; his annual sales reached a total of 40 billion in 2008. contact for inquiries: Ricoh Germany GmbH Vahrenwalder Strasse 315 30179 Hannover contact person: Tobias Poschl, Mario Di Santolo Tel: 0511 / 6742-2517 or 0511 / 6742-294 fax: 0511 / 6742-264 tobias.poeschl(at) mario.disantolo(at)

Radical Innovation: New Book By Jens-Uwe Meyer

The new book of innovation a political mastermind explains how companies become market revolutionaries. “Radical innovation the manual for market revolutionaries.” So reads the title of a new book that is published by BusinessVillage. In the 256 page book Jens-Uwe Meyer, one of the leading experts for innovation in Germany, cleans up radically with the quiet hope of many managers: our company is already master the future with small changes in its concepts and strategies. Meyer predicts: a tuning of the existing is not enough. In most companies, a revolution must take place. Otherwise, the future without it growth takes place.

In the worst case, they will go, such as the Hertie’s former market size and source, AEG and Kodak. “A further core thesis of Meyer, who is a Leipzig trade university professorship in business creativity” has, is: most companies are not prepared for the challenges ahead, the market to them,. The reason: They are while real masters in tune of the existing as well as in the inventing of variants of the well-known and tried and tested, radical innovations but very different ways of thinking and management approaches, as well as organizational structures require incremental improvements. Therefore many companies are going down in the coming years in the global competition if they completely reset not the turnout. The book radical innovation”is divided into two parts. “” “Explained Meyer, in the first the already the two business bestseller the Edison principle” and creative despite tie “wrote, why most large companies called Innosaurier”, the radical innovations fail.

Key reasons for this are: while outside the world changed, the PowerPoint presentations are changing with them primarily. While there is a digital revolution, the coordination processes be placed in them new. “While outside rebels” create new markets and conquer, consider the Manager of Innosaurier primary, how do you secure what has been achieved can. After Meyer has described in the first part of the book on numerous practical examples, how radical innovations be prevented in most large companies, he introduces approaches in the second part, as fixed this shortcoming and radical innovations developed can be based on numerous case studies of companies who either made the cultural and organizational turnaround or is in very short time of start-ups to global players have developed. Thanks to innovative management concepts. Thanks to innovative business ideas that created whole new markets. Thanks to a management, which proclaimed the internal revolution. “The reading of the book radical innovation the manual for market revolutionaries” is a pleasure not only due to the very simple and imagistic language as well as the numerous case studies and recommendations for action. In addition: the book is in contrast to those most management books visually a treat. Not only because of the expensive four color printing, but also due to the numerous photos, graphics, info boxes and cartoons which encourage browsing. “The book radical innovation the manual for market revolutionaries” by Jens-Uwe Meyer costs 24.80 euros (Verlag BusinessVillage, Gottingen; ISBN-10: 3869801344). For more information about the book at

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