Procedural Information

Subject-procedural information – is a deeply materialist at its core, which coincides essentially with the origins of medicine and psychology, the desire to link one or another manifestation of the mental with the existing knowledge of the structure of the central nervous system. However, because throughout the history of science, such knowledge was extremely limited, the reduction is due primarily object and method studies often reveal the actual difference between all the variety of information about the human psyche, a pre-scientific experience in psychology, and relatively meager data obtained as a result of this information. Nevertheless, the development of this approach, related to the change of concepts about the relationship between brain and mental, directly coincides with the entire forward movement of psychology as a science. Whenever Coen brothers listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In historical terms, subject-procedural information is basically the same with the development of the localization problem. For a long time the localization of mental functions was to anatomical and physiological fantasy. True, Alcmaeon (VI cent. More information is housed here: castle harlan. BC. Oe.) Parmenides (540 BC.

Oe.), Hippocrates (460 – 377 BC. Oe.) Erazist-rat (310-250 BC. Oe.) and Gerofil (335-280 BC. Oe.) saw body mind brain. Galen (138-201 BC) ascribed a special role in the cerebral ventricles. This idea continued Nemesio, considered the "front ventricle" of the brain the seat of perception or imagination (cellula phantastica), average" – a receptacle myshleiya (cellula logistica), and "back" – a repository of memory (cellula memoralis); of the same opinion, and Albert the Great (1192-1280) and Even Leonardo da Vinci, the person who committed this naive with the modern point of view of representation handwritten pattern. And finally, as we know, Descartes, all localized brain activity in the pineal gland. Now all These views may be of interest only to historians of science.

Top of really scientific study of the localization is marked by a long and still not ended the struggle of so-called "localization tsionistov" (Gal, Brock, Wernicke, Kleist, and others) and "anti-lokalizatsionistov" (Flourens, Kussmaul, Goltz, Lesch-Do, etc.). Particularly acute controversy proceeded representatives of this trend on the issue of aphasia. Opening Brock "motor speech center" (1861) and Wernicke – "Sensory" speech center "(1874) would seem to mean a victory in terms of lokalizatsionistov. But within the theory of aphasia, as a reaction to the narrow localizationism quickly emerged antilokalizatsionnye trends, and the fight continued with undiminished intensity. Over the past decade have been made many remarkable discoveries that put the problem in an entirely different plane. G. Moruzzi and H. Megun showed that electrical reticular formation or setevidnoi – complicated in structure clusters of nerve cells in the brain stem – is the activation of the cortex, immediately recorded on the EEG. This discovery formed the basis of completely new ideas about the nature of links between the receptors and the cerebral cortex, namely, the belief that activation of the cortex is mainly in two ways: by a specific stimulus for a given path through the system, containing special kernel and pathways, and through non-specific reticular system. Consequently, we can consider, say, perception as a process that includes preliminary "setting on this irritation, "the very act of preparing the perception that, as is known, coincides with the results of psychological research.

International Journal

Neuromarketing has been described as ' ' application of the methods of laboratory for neurology, the questions of advertising of mundo' ' (Thompson 2003). Recently, the International Journal of called Psychophysiology neuromarketing ' ' the application of the neurocincia methods to analyze and to understand the human behavior in relation to the markets and the commercialization of intercmbio' '. In the truth, the improvements in neuroimagem technologies it will continue to make advances to the knowledge of as the people take marketing decisions and as they can influence the decisions. The use of a not invasive technology, the neuroimagem, functional magnetic resonance (FMRI) has tried a growth fast especially. It allows the investigators to isolate the systems of neurons associates with the functions of the brain. For example, when a person looks at for an announcement printed matter, the active light some of 125 million neural visual receivers, batons and cones, in each eye. These sinas in the nerve are what they concentrate the pupils and co-ordinate the ocular movements during the announcement. Other signals as rods and cones pass for staple fibres of the optic nerve, some of which pass crossed to the other side of the brain, so that the left half of the announcement is perceived by the right hemisphere of the brain and the right half, perceived for the left hemisphere.

The information is processed in form, color, space localization and as the signals pass through the lateral nucleus, in its way for assembly in the located visual cortex in the behind part of the brain. Memories unchained for an announcement are stored in all the cerebral cortex and remembered hipocampo through the stored localization in depth in each cerebral hemisphere, emotional memories and live deeply are processed by amgdala, another located nervous beam close to the base of each hemisphere. Using FMRI, researchers are capable to see the images of the neural activity associate with the vision, as well as with the cognitivo and affective functioning and the answers for the reaction of the propagandas.

The Taming

If you do not want to do anything, you need to understand ourselves, to remember his childhood dreams and desires, to see how you can transform them into today's adult life, and immediately begin doing so. First, the occupation you love will give you an additional supply of energy. Second, you will have specific goals for implementation of which you also start to produce energy. And if you already have a clear goal, but one can not make act itself, there is need to work with the very goals. The first reason – the goals are not yours, but you imposed from outside. It's logical, if you do not want to do so, the soul resists, because the soul can not fool (you've always enough energy to go into the kitchen and take in the fridge to eat something tasty, or go to the boss for a salary). Therefore, we must seek their goals by asking the right questions and performing specific exercises. The second reason – your goals, but you do not have painted for myself clearly enough.

That is something you want, but what exactly is unclear. The objectives are as if in a fog. Here, too, must do special exercises to clarify your goals, for pumping. That is, as a result of these exercises, so you should burn your goals. But here, you may receive a different problem. You'll do your goals around the clock seven days a week and your family will gradually worried about your condition. But it is quite normal.

When you go to your goals, you can work day and night and did not rest. As said Celentano in the wonderful movie "The Taming of the Shrew": "Charter when do what they do not like. And I'm doing his favorite thing and never get tired. " Let us repeat the most important points: 1.Energiya not there for a reason. She was always there for something for a particular purpose. 2.Chem more global your dream / goal, the more you get energy. 3.Mechta be big, but real for you. You have to believe in its implementation. If you do not believe in it, then do not get the energy. 4.Energiyu not accumulate. We can only create an environment where you can always get it in the right quantity 5.Esli you do not want to do, remember your child's play and transform them into an adult class. 6.Esli goal is not inspiring, or it is not yours, or insufficiently thought out and articulated. In principle, all the basic information is already told. As a conclusion: your main goal – to come up with such dreams and formulate them in such purpose, that they simply do not inspire you, and made to tremble on the thought of them. And then you will not need to force yourself to do something to motivate or something else. It will not be a problem. You will have to restrain myself sometimes contrary to some cool their ardor. I wish you inspiring you to dream about things and it is easy to reach your goals.


Astrology – calculates the future, Kabbalah against it, because astrology does not consider the positive human intervention during the repair process, and only the dynamics of the influence of higher forces. And not by a higher power, who feels only a Kabbalist, and on their grounds in our world – the stars, etc.. Nobody is saying that there is no valid data (especially in the last century, it could) – on the contrary, they are there and it is therefore prohibited to go beyond their free will. Michael Laitman The Internet has caused great interest the article on Vanga, who predicted the global crisis. In article contains an interview with the visionary, where she says that 'people will live in misery until they change themselves for the better … It's simple: do not lie and do not steal, and then change the lives of every person and the world will change! " It complained that people would come to her for help and advice every day, nearly sixty years, 'And all I ask only about her, personally. No one was ever asked about the fate of mankind … ' Doomsday Wang did not say, but said: 'I see bare, blank, burnt earth.

And it is a bunch of people, like a shadow. To correct for the future, we have to change people's minds. This applies to all mankind. " Comments on the article in volume several times larger than the article itself. People and agree, and resent. And I understand them. All agree that we are losing trust in each other that it is better to live in the good and the world than in the fear and hatred.

First More

But the fact is that this energy can be stored in you and will never belong to you. All of the energy belongs only to the universe. That is not special practices or procedures to accumulate a large amount of energy. You can only do so much to your feeds cleaned, and you could pass through a greater amount of energy. But that's not all. Here, Joel and Ethan Coen expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Even if you become like a powerful conduit for the transfer of energy, you have more accurate know where and what you spend it.

That is, you will never be energetic and cheerful, if nowhere aspire. The universe always gives you just enough energy, so you need to achieve your goals. The more brighter and bigger goals, the more you will be allocated for energy (unless you are ready to accept it). If you do not dream about anything, do not want in your life, you have no energy, respectively, because you it's just not why. AND Conversely, the more global your goals, the more you released energy. But there is no need to fall into another extreme and to set such goals, the realization that you simply do not believe it. Then you just give up on yourself and you will have one more reason to suffer and ponyt for fun. Often people ask me questions that should be taken when nothing you do not want to do. Or when there is a specific target but not the strength to achieve them. For First, I answer it.