If You Lose Your Job

In our troubled times, no one is immune from job loss. If this happens to you, read the directions stated below, and perhaps it is there you'll find the answer to the question: "What's next?" 1. If you lost your job Due to the crisis, the first thing, stop watching TV and reading newspapers. Such is the work of journalists – to create headlines, a series of "End of the world the day after tomorrow, Have time to stock up on salt," or "army of unemployed replenished every day one million people. " Such news should not only raise the rating, but also housed the alarm in the hearts of men.

But this is not the state, which will help to find work for the soul and the pocket. You now have enough time, so select his favorite and a good couple of days otospites. How many years you have not allowed themselves the luxury? 2. Sleep off? Then it's time to decide what kind of work, going to look. Before that, honestly and openly answer to this question: "Do you like the previous job?" If so, read on this section and proceed to the next. But if not, very possible that the fate pushes you finally get out of my grandmother dusty old closet dream of "the very same work." Remember why you once abandoned it. Perhaps it is not prestigious, or does not make a good income? Or do you have to sort all the hereditary lawyers, well, you certainly could not have been disgraced the Faculty of Psychology.

International Water Prize

Developed by organizing an effective system of toilets recognized by the UN-Habitat, one of the best in the world. The system includes expenses only half liters of water per use, much less compared to conventional toilets for 10 liters of water. This difference is significant for the regions lacking water. Fund of the International Water Prize was founded in 1990. The award is given annually scholars and activists, community organizations for outreach work in the field of water resources. The amount of monetary compensation of 150 thousand dollars. Scientists have found a way to stop global warming and greenhouse effect, American scientist Freeman Dyson believes that global warming can be stopped by genetic engineering – in order to remove from the atmosphere by greenhouse gases, is enough to create plants that should absorb them.

The scientist believes that global warming if it occurs, can bring only benefit to mankind. Moreover, he noted that six thousand years ago at the site of modern conifer forests in Europe grew deciduous trees, and in the Sahara was so wet and green, that it lived a lot of animals – while the climate on earth was the warmest for the entire interglacial period. Therefore, it is likely that an increase in greenhouse gases could lead to the same global warming, and perhaps such an option would be preferable for Humanity, said the scientist. A director of the environmental center 'Dodo' Kayumov believes that if all industry of the world will reduce electricity consumption by 25-30%, this will stop the greenhouse effect and will not lead to irreversible consequences due to global warming.