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Carvajal strengthens e-business company to buy Levicom which seeks to provide greater presence and greater experience in consultants the E-Business on the market in the region. The last 02 of octubre Carvajal SA acquired 100 shares of the company Levicom, Mexican company leader in the provision of services of E-Business, with a presence in Mexico and sales jobs Argentina. This acquisition allows Carvajal strengthen leadership in Latin America as its E-business service is now not jobs in only in Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, but also in Mexico and Argentina, thus continuously providing solutions with high added value management jobs market Latinoaericano. With this partnership will integrate the experience into products and services for E-Business of job search the Colombian multinational, with experience of human resources over 10 years of Levicom. The integration of Levicom Carvajal and facilitates collaborative processes between business partners in the industry for mass consumption in Latin America, by offering part time jobs services focused on process automation, generating information and Business Intelligence (BI). Additionally Carvajal experience in this business has enabled it to carry various E-Business services to other sectors such as health, energy, financial, government and insurance. Thus the organization Carvajal, continues with the materialization of its expansion plans to offer world class services that seek the expertise and understanding of the markets in Latin America, supporting the competitiveness of companies part time in the region. Soon the services of E-Business Carvajal were also in Chile and Central American countries. agency Carvajal Group is a multinational company headquartered in Colombia, made up of 12 companies, with presence in 16 countries in Latin America, Spain, USA and China. Particularly in countries where it operates Levicom, Carvajal account with Business: Consumer Goods Mexico are Internacional SA of C.V. Cargraphics SA of C.V. Carvajal Harland, SA of C.V. agencies (formerly SA de C. V. All Galas Harland) Carvajal SA of C.V. Corporate Carvajal SA of C.V. efficient ways staff S.A. of C.V.

United Technologies Corporation

BALTIMORE, ea. MARYLAND – (MARKETWIRE) – March 26, 2010 – Company Algeco Scotsman, a leading global business service provider specializing in modular space solutions and safe storage, today announced the nomination of Duncan Gillis for the post of chief executive officer. Nigh immediately to his duties, Gillis will assume overall responsibility for managing the global operations of the company and will go to the Board Directors Algeco Scotsman. Jerry Holthouse, a former chairman and chief executive officer of the company Algeco Scotsman, will be moved to the position of non-executive director, where he will deal with administrative activities, relating to the Board of Directors, and to facilitate the implementation of plans geographic expansion. "Excellent leadership qualities, excellent strategic thinking in the planning and operational management of the company very well have paved the way for this all the expected destination, "- said Holthouse.

"The appointment of Duncan gives me the opportunity to stay in constant contact with team leaders professional level, at the same time, personally giving me more flexibility. " "I would like to thank Jerry for these 16 years of distinguished service in our company, and I plan to work on the foundation, which was established under his leadership '- said Gillis. "As we move forward we will continue our activity associated with transformation, and develop a program of strategic growth the company. " Gillis joined the company Algeco Scotsman in March 2009 as chief operating officer, responsible for supervising the implementation of modernized processes and operational management productivity throughout this global organization. Before joining the Algeco Scotsman, Gillis has held several leadership positions in the corporation United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in North America and Asia. Before his appointment as the corporation UTC, Gillis served management positions in companies Procter & Gamble and McKinsey & Company.

Gillis received his BA from Cornell University, after which he served as an infantry officer in the U.S. Army before returning once again for his Master's Degree Masters course in Business Administration from Cornell University. About Algeco Scotsman Algeco Scotsman is a leading global business service provider specializing in solutions of modular space and storage. Through its operational activities as Williams Scotsman in North America and Algeco in Europe, the group manages a fleet of more than 343,000 units, with operations in Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Britain and the United States. Company's heritage is based on its reputation, built through its exceptional service provided to its customers, effective management in business operations and constant product innovation. Global Presence Algeco Scotsman combined with her knowledge of local markets ensures exemplary service, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of customers around the globe.

The Demand

The customer shall in addition to the core service branch”plunges into a pleasant atmosphere, mental wellness and appearance with sensual attractions. A branch becomes thus a place, with new people to contact or to treat existing customers with an emotional gift. “” Filialsystemeigene planning processes are optimized at the same time, that a further expansion of distribution channels including the topics of customer integration “and new payment method” (keyword mobile payment) remains possible, the branch system development partner responsibility Kuhn experts take over. Then often existing optimisation potentials in the Filialsystemkernleistungen are their work field range, costing, finance, logistics, EDP, staff or the point-of-sales network expansion. Experience previous experience has shown that visit revitalized branches in addition to information and buying processes is experienced differently, because demand, claim, decision hedging / feedback, atmospheric Filialambiente and purchase decision are strongly linked, disappointments have been minimized. Sales data were usable information, insightful insights through the revitalization. They can be better than before, because important data are analysed and combined with market research for new decisions.

Progress in the chain store companies can thus always often arise from team findings. Some new findings to action business, to our assortment, the service and the demand arise. Promoted is a profitable portfolio of own brands article innovations are triggered, changes to the process initiated, synergies with other systems and partners implies. Central creates more space for new knowledge, which allows for a less elaborate realize of the companies strategy, greater customer proximity and more productive employees. From other Kuhn projects, cannot be proven, that stationary stores meet the expectations, if following five points when the revitalization Please note: new and existing communication channels more closely link; The right people involved in the realignment of the branches; Standardize as a prerequisite for the multiply; Do not copy savvy, to include the entire branch system; Existing potential of data more efficiently, to simplify processes, decentralized and centralized to dovetail, Filialwettbewerbe put on a new basis. To sum up: it remains as it was. First, the customer at the point of sale, then the staff, then comes return. Stationary stores are better than digital point of sale, but different. You get faster in the grip performance deficits, on missing customer benefits can be more binding on the customer to respond with individualism and friendliness. In an increasingly complex world an advantage not to be underestimated (1109).


1991: The first restaurant in Portugal is inaugurated. In the Cascaishopping in day 23 of May. 1992: In 23 of April, the biggest McDonald&#039 restaurant; s of the world until the current days is inaugurating in Pequim, capital of China (more than 700 seats). 1994: The first McDonald&#039 is inaugurated; s in Africa. In the city of the Cairo, Egypt. 1996: The first McDonald' Indian s opens.

1996: The first McDonald' s opens in the Belarus, that if becomes the hundredth country to receive a surmounting. In the opening ceremony, the military service bielo-Russian is accused with brutal use of the force against members public it that they wanted to enter in the restaurant in Minsk. 1998: In Portugal a restaurant in the Park of the Nations is opened, place where if it carried through EXPO 98. To this height it was the greater of the Europe. 2000: Eric Schlosser publishes Fast Food Nation (Fast-Food Nation), a book that criticizes restaurants fast-food in general, particularly McDonald' s.5 CONCLUSOAcordei, April the eyes and I looked my manufactured in Brazil and vendidos popular slippers since the year passed in the Europe. April mine notebook of American mark produced national bought the low price obtained by the reduction of taxes that the federal government offered in the subsidy form. I enter in the server of email, inform login and password, new message, I place the email of the professor, leased in a Brazilian server.

Annex the archive now read and clico in send. I arise myself, volume milk in dust of Swiss mark and Argentine cows mixed with achocolatado in dust of American mark, produced transnational company nourishing. In the bathroom tooth sabonete and folder are of a company anglian-dutch who produces the soap in dust that use pra to wash clothes. After the hygiene I pro go college in a bus of foreign mark where meeting pupils with varied marks printed in tennis and caps, I apply activities and after the matinal expedient I go to lunch Uruguayan rice, So Paulo beans, salada of multiples not native vegetables, beefburger and cooling mixing American of orange and sleeve, this last typical fruit of the China, that justifies the packing with eastern reasons.

Jorg Thielmann Mann

KG and offered by the Rhineland-Palatinate company together with silo and control system ready on the market. We have had the experience, that consumer a pickup no load, but rather is a small event, if they partially ancestor with trailer or tractor. In this system the refuelling is possible in theory around the clock and also suited the silo as a pillar for advertising purposes”, stresses Markus Mann who is fully convinced of the unique concept. MAN plans for its composite companies Westerwald wood pellets in the years to come first within a radius of 150 kilometers to prepare more fully automatic service stations on motorways. Markus Mann, managing partner and out of conviction”in terms of renewable energy, is one of the pioneers of German Pellen ether plate and has won several environmental awards for its activity and the quality of its products.

The Group deposed 2009 more than 120,000 tons of pellets. MAN has since 1991 has been working in the area of renewable energy in the market. Among other things, the company of a biomass operates heat and power plant, wind turbines and a block heat and power plant. In the field of project development and technical solutions for the energy market man’s engineers have become over the past years. The companies include also man energy Suisse and Westerwald wood pellets. man is one of the pioneers in the renewable energy sector and has with its subsidiary, the Westerwald wood pellets GmbH, in 2001 the first large-scale production of pellets in Germany put into operation. Currently almost 90 employees in the group. In the past ten years, EUR 14.4 million in the area of renewables were on the site Langenbach Energy invested. The Group turnover amounted in 2009 around 32 million (thereof 27 million in the area of renewable energies). The companies KG include also the Westerwald wood pellets GmbH, man energy Suisse S.a.r.l., man Ltd. as well as bioenergy ohringen GBR. MANN natural energy GmbH & co.

Chinese Internet

With the proper visa to China Chinese driving license, is the bevolkerungsreichte country in the world, but spread very unevenly in the Middle Kingdom the inhabitants”. While a million city to the others joining in the eastern coastal regions, the West is only very sparsely populated. Here, there are deserts, mountains and steppe. The regions provide everything you would expect an excellent region for outdoor holidays. World travellers, who are travelling with their own vehicle, think about the attractive landscape on its own four wheels to inquire. Unfortunately, the legal situation of the people’s Republic is self propelled with enormous challenges.

It begins with that neither the international driving licence is recognised even the national of Switzerland, Germany, Austria. Who so wants to drive, must acquire a Chinese driver’s license. The requirements are not high: you must correctly fill out only a multiple choice questionnaire. Agencies, specifically geared for expats who help to prepare the theoretical driving test. It is important to know, however, that only people for a Chinese driver’s license qualify, arrived with a visa, which is more than valid for three months. Thus, it is excluded that travelling on a tourist visa can acquire the coveted card. So who plans to drive a car, in China itself should seek already in advance the right visa.

Transliterations are possible, but often tedious in the settlement in the country circumstances. Special provider can advise you. It is possible to introduce your own vehicle. But this is associated with high costs. It is easy to rent a car locally. Local vendors have supermini of Chinese design on sale approximately 10 euros per day. Who is on the road like safer, can rent vehicles of famous brands of course also with the international agencies. Ultimately, only the question of where the journey should go arises. Certain work on the basis of the Chinese Internet censorship Online map services such as Google maps is limited. Chinese car are marked usually with GPS systems, but these have an English or even German-speaking user interface in the rarest of cases. We assist with route planning by the world travel Forum. Not only for trips of self-propelled, but also the planning of Backpacker Tours. It is a community portal of travel-interested.

Diaoyutai Islands

President Ma praises peacemaker role of the Republic of China (Taiwan) President Ma Ying-jeou had said that Taiwan was in the role of peacemaker on the right track, to solve international disputes by peaceful means – based on dialog and accompanied with the applicable international law. Taking the Diaoyutai Islands as an example, as the Republic of China (Taiwan) according to President have always keep their sovereignty over the island group Ma. In the face of disputes has President MA on August 5, 2012 the peace initiative in the East China Sea proposed, stresses that, while sovereignty can not be divided, resources in any case can be shared. The initiative calls on all parties to use peaceful means to settle disputes and to reduce regional tensions. Taiwan and Japan have signed on 10 April 2013 a fisheries agreement laying down the fishing zones, which the Diaoyutai Islands and the surrounding waters within a 12-mile zone excludes. This agreement led to improved rights for fishermen and larger catches, without compromising Taiwan’s sovereignty. On mainland China’s announcement a defence identification zone over the East China Sea the President said that Taiwan immediately made clear his position that this action did not affect Taiwan’s sovereignty over the Diaoyutai-Islands and all the parties involved sea should use the peace initiative for the East China as a framework for the settlement of disputes. President Ma said the Taiwanese air force patrols will continue as usual and the Government will also continue to expressed their firm stance on the issue. Beijing had failed to consult with Taiwan, before the proclamation of its ADIZ what is certainly not conducive to the positive development of relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Street. The President said that Taiwan will the civil aviation authorities of other Nations continue to about Flights of and foreign airlines on the Taipei flight information region know to ensure flight safety. (ca)

Rococo Processes

New technologies for integrated logistics asked Pforzheim/Stuttgart, October 2010 – by 26-28.10.2010 met on the IT & business in Stuttgart IT managers from the middle class, to get more than 300 providers on the latest developments and trends in innovative software concepts. The Pforzheim specialist for logistics solutions LogControl was this year for the first time of the match. The upturn has arrived almost everywhere and the company concentrate again on the sustainable optimisation of their processes, to ensure the long-term success on the market. This logistics easily neglected in the past is more and more becoming the key factor in the battle for the best competitive positions. Because here are slumbering immense savings and optimization potential, which is to recognize and to lift. LogControl is committed to the task, to support in particular small and medium-sized enterprises in the analysis, control and optimisation of logistics processes. In addition to the already used in many projects Solutions for warehouse management (multi-stage/paperless picking, inventory sampling, shipping, returns, stock identification, etc.) and supply chain management (inventory optimization, Auto scheduling, etc.) that were within the framework of the research project Rococo (robust collision free picking) newly developed modules for greater efficiency in the paperless picking in the attention of the visitors.

LogControl SaS is SaS solutions for logistics processes for companies who still cringe before a higher initial investment in innovative technologies, or would like to outsource their logistics IT, (software as a service) of particular interest. LogControl operates and this waiting for the solution adapted to the specific needs of the customer and ensures the compatibility of processes. Flexible customization options secure the innovation ability in the long run. LogControl LogControl, was founded in 1990 with headquarters in Pforzheim, Systemhaus is innovative standard software with a focus on inventory management, Dispatch/delivery processing, dispatching optimization and inventory controlling, sample inventory and supply chain management. Logistics service providers, commercial or manufacturing – the modular and customisable LogControl software controls and optimizes the logistic processes. Consulting services and sophisticated service concepts complete the offer.