Successful Cases Of E-Business In Colombia

Carvajal strengthens e-business company to buy Levicom which seeks to provide greater presence and greater experience in consultants the E-Business on the market in the region. The last 02 of octubre Carvajal SA acquired 100 shares of the company Levicom, Mexican company leader in the provision of services of E-Business, with a presence in Mexico and sales jobs Argentina. This acquisition allows Carvajal strengthen leadership in Latin America as its E-business service is now not jobs in only in Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, but also in Mexico and Argentina, thus continuously providing solutions with high added value management jobs market Latinoaericano. With this partnership will integrate the experience into products and services for E-Business of job search the Colombian multinational, with experience of human resources over 10 years of Levicom. The integration of Levicom Carvajal and facilitates collaborative processes between business partners in the industry for mass consumption in Latin America, by offering part time jobs services focused on process automation, generating information and Business Intelligence (BI). Additionally Carvajal experience in this business has enabled it to carry various E-Business services to other sectors such as health, energy, financial, government and insurance. Thus the organization Carvajal, continues with the materialization of its expansion plans to offer world class services that seek the expertise and understanding of the markets in Latin America, supporting the competitiveness of companies part time in the region. Soon the services of E-Business Carvajal were also in Chile and Central American countries. agency Carvajal Group is a multinational company headquartered in Colombia, made up of 12 companies, with presence in 16 countries in Latin America, Spain, USA and China. Particularly in countries where it operates Levicom, Carvajal account with Business: Consumer Goods Mexico are Internacional SA of C.V. Cargraphics SA of C.V. Carvajal Harland, SA of C.V. agencies (formerly SA de C. V. All Galas Harland) Carvajal SA of C.V. Corporate Carvajal SA of C.V. efficient ways staff S.A. of C.V.