Preferred Payment Methods

XinXii published statistics on the use of the platform of Berlin, March 1, 2010. What kind of payment that customers use for downloads on XinXii? The online marketplace for your own texts, documents and E-books for the year 2009 in retrospect is investigated this question. The statistics on the payment history has been published today as a graphic; the percentage breakdown of the payment methods for all downloads made between 0109 and 1209 on can be seen: the result: half of all customers will pay on XinXii by ELV, i.e. by electronic direct debit procedure. ELV is the most widely used payment method on XinXii thus since the platform live in January 2008, when the use in comparison to the previous year 2008 has decreased by 5%. Low plays a role; the credit cards as opposed to on XinXii It has lost even when compared to the previous year by 7% and was used in 2009 by 20% of all online shoppers.

One reason for the low proportion of credit card transactions may be in the habit, smaller Amounts not with credit card to pay. The decline of both payment methods can be explained PayPal with the current polls show growing acceptance by the online payment method, which has expanded its share from 18% to 30% to XinXii in the same period. Conclusion: The trend of the previous year continued in 2009. The ELV is still the most widely used payment method, it is however declining. As the credit card: your downloads with credit card paid in 2008 still nearly one-third of all customers, it is only one-fifth.

XinXii customers pay increasingly through PayPal. About XinXii XinXii, the largest German language online platform for marketing is even written texts, documents and E-books. The marketplace breaks through the traditional publishing barriers and allows you to free online, his works in real time and without binding contract each publish or upload to describe and sell. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robert A. Iger . Are no limits the type of text: to be released can as short texts Guidance, checklists and templates, scientific publications in the form of term papers, scripts, theses and studies up to fiction, books and guides. Since live in January 2008 XinXii is used by more than 3,000 providers, marketing almost 7,000 documents in over 600 categories. XinXii is a service of DG-Verlag in Berlin. Press contact DG-Verlag Gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG Dr. Andrea Schober line marketing PR August Street 75 D 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 202 15 13 20 E-Mail: andrea.schober at _xinxii xinxii group – 49019 5465eb