Nothing seems more natural in a room of a smoke detector. Hidden cameras within these devices give a bird seen without obstacles of the eyes of the room, ideal for the capture of the thieves. Pamela were strange things that happen in their house. One began with the food for cats spilled. More info: Jack Hughes. Its cat, Albert, were very ordered, and it does not spill his food, but lately Pamela had been coming to house of the work to discover the food for cats thrown in the ground and the plate of upset. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Eva Andersson-Dubin. Another day was with a bread bar abra and scattered by the ground.

She knew that the cat could not it have done. When it began to go jewels lack in the part superior of their writing-desk began to worry. She was a person? She decided to create some of monitoring, using a detector of smoke, hidden cameras to know who is entering its house, and how. She downwards placed one of the views of the detector of smoke cameras upon each entrance, another one in the kitchen and another one in his room with a clear view of the Table in his jeweler was. It took off all the expensive jewels of the box and left the cover, the full plate of food for cats open and left a little bread in the counter.

Now everything what had to make era hope that the thief to appear. In just a short time, Pamela discovered who was the culprit. The Coco, the mascot ferret that lived alongside. It had been entering by the door mascot of Albert, in search of shining sandwiches and things to rob. It informed to his neighboring one on the robbery of the Coco, and found kept missing jewels in his bed. The neighbor was made additional position to maintain in the Coco and Pamela closed door of Albert cat when he was in the work, the solution of the problem. Original author and source of the article.