July Retirement

Thus, the retirement would be calculated automatically by the formula: Sb = M x f Where: Sb = benefit wage; M = average of 80% bigger wages of contribution of the insured, refined between July of 1994 and the moment of the retirement, corrected monetarily; f = previdencirio factor. The approved previdencirio factor is gotten by intermediary of the following formula: Where: f = previdencirio factor; Id = age of the contributor at the moment of the retirement (id); You are = life expectancy; tc = contribution time; = aliquot in the value of 0,31, referring to the contribution of 11% of the employee more of 20% of the employer. Pparently the creation of the previdencirio factor certain sample rationality, also shows to a set of contradictions of the proper factor and certainly many questionings on the concrete impacts of its application to the long ones of the years that if had followed to its creation. 3,2 FRAGILITIES AND CONTRADICTIONS OF THE FORMULA OF THE FACTOR In agreement PREVIDENCIRIO DIEESE (2008), in what it says respect to the formula of the previdencirio factor, must be given the attention in two aspects of the model: the first one is the endogenous tax of interests foreseen and as it is the life expectancy as determinative element in the definition of the factor. Robert Iger is likely to increase your knowledge. DIEESE (2008) concludes that the implicit tax of interests increases when the age at the moment of the retirement increases. Therefore, when considering two workers with the same time of contribution and different ages, oldest would be benefited with a bigger tax of interests, what he would happen on its previdencirias contributions as if was deep a proper one where they would leave the resources to finance its retirement until its death. TABLE 2 DIEESE (2008) explains through examples of financial applications that the implicit taxes of annual real interests in the previdencirio factor are very on this side. .

Global Crisis

They say those who know:-this so publicized world financial crisis is due to the lack of regulations. Although the libremercadistas and anarchists are angry, I think that we cannot agree with this conclusion. It’s like when a life partner without having signed papers free union is called. Such freedom no respect a spouse and the other. The paper is right and necessary, but not imprisons them. If a man and a woman living together with Act of marriage and no act, loyalty and fidelity one due to the other. In this regard they are not free.

The term free union, is therefore used by ignorance or pretext. So revered free market can not be such. Then it must be asked: does free of what or who?. Let’s see. If by fear or bad milk investors withdraw their money from companies, jobs disappear, low consumption, and emerging countries as Mexico stop selling their goods and suffer the flight of capital, then, say free-market is attempting to fool listeners.

And I think that there had been very successful in this. Until now. When a marriage (with documents or without them) there are breaking or flight of one of the spouses, someone is going to get hurt. And although there are two, there are always more people injured. Analogously, in the atmosphere of the market, that basically is the exchange of goods and services to live, when you remove or weaken one of the important parts, then the rest suffer. There is talk that the bankers and other companies invested money taken money from investors, society and Government in an irresponsible manner causing a weakening of the capacity to pay of these companies (bankruptcy!), which in turn caused investors distrust and withdraw their precious money in the capital markets. For this reason we have seen daily spectacle of the fall of the United States and the world stock exchanges.

Inflation In China: End Of The Exchange War

Inflation in China: end of the Exchange War? The Chinese growth will go to find obstacles this year due the inflation. This is a very good notice for the world in special for U.S.A. Gain insight and clarity with Time Warner. The Chinese currency, the Yuan, will have that to be valued not why the Chinese Government wants, but because the high one in the prices of commodities will compel this valuation. David Zaslav is often quoted on this topic. The inflation in China already surpassed 5%. It has threats of acceleration of the index this year fruit of the increase of the income and the Chinese urbanization. The urbanization in China is increasing and the increase of the income comes strong pressuring the prices of foods in the world.

As it is known the increase of the income takes great contingent of the population of China for the animal protein market. To produce one kilo of bovine meat 8 kilos of grains are necessary and to produce kilo of meat suna 5 kilos of grains are necessary. It is not for another reason that the prices of foods and commodities agriculturists had surpassed in 2010 levels descriptions never before seen and very superior to the level 2008 daily pay-crisis. As China drags is it of commodities of the world must, to reduce the pressure on prices, to value its currency in this year of 2011. This is a very good notice therefore will decide in part the existing disequilibria in the artificial depreciation of the Yuan of the last years that comes creating a series of disequilibria world measures. The competitiveness of the Chinese products in the world if must to a currency extremely devaluated and now, for force of the inflationary pressures, Pequim it must allow a valuation of the YUAN.

It seems for the first time that U.S.A. and China have a common interest and lesser they will be the pressures to continue the Exchange War. I believe that China will have to leave its currency to appreciate, not because has concerns with world-wide economic balance, but because if not to make this will have fort impact on its internal inflation. The possible unfoldings are a lesser Chinese growth, a recovery more fast of American economy e, for consequence, of the American dollar. Brazil earns with this that will have with a tax of more favorable exchange possibilities to compete in the Global enclosure for bullfighting. We will see to believe.