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Literature is the soul of wit. The best source of literature can now be found on blogs. The growing trend of eBlogmania 'slowly sweeping the Internet. Everyone aspires to have a blog as a platform to publish their thoughts and be heard and read. General surveys conducted in the blogs and bloggers shows a growing trend in blogs. A parallel platform for literary endeavor, the blogs are overthrowing the traditional rules of journalism.

Publication of news and views no longer remains the privilege of an elite minority. Each and every one is free to make contact and explore the writer himself. The anamorphic nature of the human soul is best reflected in the blogs. A survey in the United States held a surprising 30% of respondents read blogs. Furthermore, 52% of respondents advocate for equal rights and freedom for the blogs.

And the most surprising fact is that 31% of respondents revealed that they found blogs to be more credible than newspapers. The growing popularity of blogs can be gauze from the fact that Yahoo, Google, MSN, Rediff and all the bigwigs of the cyber world are experimenting with blogs and bloggers. Both free and paid sites lifting blog have emerged, offering a wealth of tools to make blogging a breeze. MSN has even gone to the point of making a common 'passport' database across all its services. So now, a user of MSN may use your personally identifiable "self" through MSN Messenger, Spaces and Hotmail. In addition, MSN has integrated its Spaces with MSN Messenger 7.0. Users of MSN Messenger 7.0 will have a tab 'shines', informing them when their contacts have updated their individual blogs. Recent statistics show that MSN MSN has 170,000 daily updates blog. This number is huge if you consider the fact that most bloggers do not update their blogs on a daily basis. The literature of the new era is no longer limited to books. Of poems to the characteristics of humor in the relatively short, everything that can be found on blogs. While blogs are a good bit to find, however, a thorough analysis will reveal all the blogs to be good in their personal appearance. After all, blogs are a slice of life of the blogger and the life of each is a good source of learning experience. This also opens the educational value of blogs. Blogs can be a mirror of life, culture and society. What could be a better teacher than one with a large number of experiences to offer on a silver platter? Abhishek Sarkar works as executive content developer and analyst. He is currently associated with Alpha blog.