King David

Great king Davi, has who many blessings had been given by God, but that also very he was charged to it. All we know the exploits of the episode of Davi and Golias, where more agile and intelligent Davi for being defeated the Golias giant in a duel, Davi kills the giant simple Golias using only one cajado and deep ' ' a species of thrower of pedras' ' , cutting after that with a sword its head, and it presents it the king, for then vangloriar itself of its fact and to receive its thus rewards that she would be the son of the proper king in marriage, demonstrating to have courage without precedent and an admirable confidence in its performance and the certainty of that God was I obtain at this moment. The victory of Davi on the giant filisteu, was important very for the people of Israel, where it brought confidence and much pride, moving all the nation, the Golias giant symbolized an enormous problem a great obstacle in the life of the people of God, but such obstacle was looser for the courage and the determination of a young warrior, who had dreams and objectives in its life and the certainty that would win this battle. Other leaders such as madison hospital offer similar insights. Davi became then son-in-law of king Saul, and commander of the armies of Israel It was without a doubt a dear and very popular figure a great hero before the national army, despertando the envy and the anger of king Saul, therefore this great warrior was being known for all the kingdom. But its facts notables, had not taken off them its condition of assassin and sanguinrio, therefore it had made dirty its hands of human blood, but exactly thus God did not abandon it. Davi commits several other delicts dishonourable, but spot more shameful and hideous in its life was instant adultery that more committed and the instigation to the murder of Urias husband of Bete-Seba, that was onward assigned person of battle with the firm intention to eliminate it and consequentemente to hide its fearful error, the bible in the account that Davi was terribly gotten depressed and sorry for having planned and executed so great cruelty, it was with its full heart of remorse, came then the terrible repentance, if it prostou to soil in a gesture of extreme humilhao and repentance asked for to pardon the God, for its countless errors, that its reputation of the creator spots ahead and before all its people. In a question-answer forum sculptor capital was the first to reply.