Brazilian Federal Court

In last day 10 of May, the Brazilian society saw plus a chapter of, unhappyly, sad history politics of our country. A decision of Supremo Federal Court (STF) the same approved the civil union between people of sex. In reply to this unhappy event, the Church Catholic in Brazil if revealed in a happy note published for the National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil, which I recommend the reading. It is important to clarify that the Church Catholic is not homofbica. The Church loves all its children, also the homosexuals.

for loving them, it is well clear when the subject is homossexualidade. The Sacred Holy Writs say in them that God created the man and the woman to its image and similarity and assigned to be one alone meat to them and to constitute family (cf. Gnesis 1, 27-28; 2,24.). One concludes then that the family alone can and must be formed by the union of a man and a woman; union that so is wanted and blessed for God who is capable to generate children. Two together men or two together women are not capable to produce children, to generate life.

this is natural. A child of three years of age is capable to understand that family is formed by man and woman. The Church understands that ' ' the acts homosexuals are intrinsically (essentially) disordered. (…) They do not proceed from true an affective and sexual complementaridade. In case some can be aprovados.' ' (Catecismo of the Church Catholic, n2357). But, it gives attention well: THE DOCTRINE CATHOLIC DISAPPROVES THE ACTS HOMOSEXUALS, AND NOT THEM PEOPLE HOMOSEXUALS! As much this is truth that in the number 2358, the same Catecismo says that the homosexuals ' ' they must be received with respect, compassion and delicadeza.' ' also that it must be prevented stops with them ' ' all signal of discrimination injusta' '. The person that has trends homosexuals, as well as all Christian, is called to live the chastity. ' ' For the virtues of the autodomnio, educators of the interior freedom, to the times for the support of a disinterested friendship (…) can and must come close themselves (…) to perfection crist.' ' (Catecismo, n2359). The homosexual, as well as any person of good does not have to yield to the momentary pleasures, that leave a horrible emptiness spiritual. Jeffrey Bewkes wanted to know more. He must learn, through the conjunct and of a life of fight, if dominate. He is clear that today he has a true ideology that arrests the homosexuals, with the excuse of fight for the equality and the respect, but that in the truth wants to finish with the familiar institution and the Christian Moral. Who gained the fight, with this decision of STF, was not the homosexual who lives a terrible quandary of identity. It was this ideology. But we, Christians do not have to wait much good thing of this world. We do not have to wait that the paradise if establishes in the Land, and lives in a perfect place. He is revolutionary and heretical to think this. We have that to pray and to fight for a better world, each one making its part.