At first glance the value of serenity you could be left only for people who have few problems, all actually have, the difference lies in how to deal with them.In order to better understand the importance of serenity, must first raise awareness of some realities that prevent us from achieving this value effectively develop:-we cannot abandon our usual occupation and escape us to some distant place to meditate calmly; Let us drag by sadness; work with less intensity, or wait for someone to take our problem in their hands and resolved.-any difficulties view more difficult and more serious than previous ones (especially if at the moment is added to others that we already have).-we strive to find the solution almost simultaneously to the emergence of the problem, sometimes is given, but not always. Usually every situation requires a Council or a deep analysis and arrested-in State of tension, by our mind we passed and went through the same words, the same options and the same thoughts without reaching anything and increasing our anxiety, wasting time, energy and good humor.Serenity does not occur with simple desire, if so outside, we would not have time to feel uneasy or desperate. If you are not convinced, visit Leslie Moonves. We usually react and act by impulses, depriving our intelligence of the opportunity to know and to elucidate all the edges of the problem. We review four basic ideas to generate serenity within us:-avoid enclosing in itself: find best solutions when we seek the support and the Council of those people who enjoy our trust (parents, a good friend, a spiritual director, a teacher, etc.), because we know in advance that your opinion will always be according to reason, truth and the Justice-focus on a task or activity: it seems contradictory to think about maintaining attention surrounded by so much tension and concern, but it is possible to exit that State directing our efforts to make our work with the greatest possible perfection.