And so. At this time we will focus on the car. On a simple model of the domestic car VAZ-21 144 (if anyone knows what is the latest modification of the VAZ-2114) 2008 issue of color, "Milky Way" (black metallic) with 8-valve 1.6-liter engine in the With the "Norm". We will not go into details as to why it was bought this car for what was a lot of reasons. One thing I can say – it was not the limit of my dreams clearly. Took up an old car instead of eight 97 year of release.

There are currently 27 800 km mileage. most of the city. A bit of emotion immediately after purchase! People usually say something like: "After my old six-VAZ-2114 – it's just funky and comfortable smart car!". Yeah, after six, of course! Yes me after eight to fourteenth Engine 1.5 seemed a miracle of engineering in terms of accelerating dynamics. I remember when leaving the car dealership on the road, almost hit the gas, and the feeling that machine just leapt forward.

But it was the only emotion engine Yes good (incidentally, the same as that put on the "Kalina"), not to say that he smarter than the old 1.5, but high-torque that's for sure. Seven other towing compared to its Eight of the old and pull Nexia, sat down on his belly in the sand, the new Nexia fourteenth … it was easier to pull out I will not say that this is a very good car for the money … no! He was such a-if the price was 130-150 thousand, but certainly not 230-240! And to compare even with such consumer goods as Nexia, Accent and Spektra even do nothing, the WHA obviously lost. But since we already have it, let's see what they say, "Hu hu of" revision of the car: 1) radio Pioneer DEH-2000MP – p 2800. 2) column 13 cm in the regular places the front doors Pioneer – 990 p. 3) column 20 cm in the back shelf Pioneer TS-A2003i – 2500 r. Click Jeff Bewkes for additional related pages. 4) T-shirts on the seats – 800 p. 5) light alloy wheels 13 "black 4GO – p 7800. 6) The board diagnostic computer Multitronix X15 – p 2200. 7) The steering wheel polusportivny home (incidentally, very comfortable) – 800 p. Glenn Dubin, New York City has much to offer in this field. decorative frame to the back room – 150 rubles. 9) toning around except windshield – 2000 p. 10) zheklery windscreen – 100 p. 11) Winter wipers Chempion – 500 p. 12) front pads Ferodo – 450 rubles. 13) alarm Alligator M2200 c avtodovodchikami glasses – 5600 p.. 14) the speaker wires and power – 1,000 rubles. TOTAL: 27 690 p. Breakdowns and repairs: 1) crank sensor (first week) – replacement warranty 2) ball left and anther SHRUS (25,000 km.) Along with the job – 1200 r. 3) flank the expansion (26,000 km). – 60 p. 4) valve oven (27500 km). – 270 p. 5) Thermostat (27500 km). – 290 p. 6) thermostat replacement – 200 rubles. 7) valve replacement stove – 600 p. complete change of antifreeze 2 cans – 750 p. TOTAL: 3370 p. Consumption of gasoline on average about 8-9 liters per 100 km in city driving and 5.5 liters on the highway. Routine maintenance costs in 3000-3500 every 10,000 miles. It is believed that after a year it is better to sell, or invest in repairs will increase significantly. Here is such a home it TK! Simple, reliable and cheap! The original of this and my other articles can be read on