Earnings On The Internet And It Is Right Task

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Modern Crewing

Some trends in modern crewing. Today in Odessa has more than 200 private agencies kryuingovh, 30-35 in Mariupol and Sevastopol, and 15-20 in other port cities. Nevertheless, the fact that the state in front of these agencies, a lot of them continues to grow. Moreover, in the final period increased many serious national shipowners' vessels (including registered in other countries). While most companies projected increase their own fleets and crews wages. For many skilled sailors in the home are employed in the foreign shipping companies and crewing agencies, including the Odessa crewing.

Thus, the demand for qualified seafarers of all ranks, particularly skilled soldier, has exceeded supply. Itself is typical of Odessa. In Sevastopol, Kherson and Nikolayev, where traditionally high unemployment feel the lack commanders, welders and cooks. The entire Ukrainian seafarers may now be divided into three categories: 1) highly skilled seafarers. This commanders fittery and cooks, the ones I-E began to work in foreign companies. They are looking for higher salary or oen, or a stable place of the paper. Now proposals for so little. 2) A qualified seafarers, always working in a large stable of Greek or other foreign companies.

Qualification for these sailors is relatively good, and the level of English – satisfactory. They preferred the stability of a small increase in pay for the effort. To entice them to the same or lower salary is almost unreal. In 95% these frames are registered in other agencies, if in his own old company they have been failures.

If You Lose Your Job

In our troubled times, no one is immune from job loss. If this happens to you, read the directions stated below, and perhaps it is there you'll find the answer to the question: "What's next?" 1. If you lost your job Due to the crisis, the first thing, stop watching TV and reading newspapers. Such is the work of journalists – to create headlines, a series of "End of the world the day after tomorrow, Have time to stock up on salt," or "army of unemployed replenished every day one million people. " Such news should not only raise the rating, but also housed the alarm in the hearts of men.

But this is not the state, which will help to find work for the soul and the pocket. You now have enough time, so select his favorite and a good couple of days otospites. How many years you have not allowed themselves the luxury? 2. Sleep off? Then it's time to decide what kind of work, going to look. Before that, honestly and openly answer to this question: "Do you like the previous job?" If so, read on this section and proceed to the next. But if not, very possible that the fate pushes you finally get out of my grandmother dusty old closet dream of "the very same work." Remember why you once abandoned it. Perhaps it is not prestigious, or does not make a good income? Or do you have to sort all the hereditary lawyers, well, you certainly could not have been disgraced the Faculty of Psychology.