The Analysis

In accordance with the concept expressed by this author, has come to the conclusion that the best way to measure that satisfied a customer meets company that serves it, is through classify customers among detractors, neutral or passive and promoters. The classification of customers mentioned above, in accordance with the response to the simple question with regard to the possibility that recommends our Organization to a person or company known, can detail better below: promoters; customers whose experiences with the company have tested positive and are very willing to recommend it. Liabilities; customers whose experiences with the company have been normal, not exceptional, and have complied with what has been agreed and are indifferent to recommend her and detractors; customers whose experiences with the company have been negative and are not willing to recommend it. For the calculation of the NPS, the information of each one of the clients of the answer to the above question must be taken. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out charlie watts. As mentions the author Reichheld: on a scale of 0 to 10, that willing you are to recommend to this company with an acquaintance or friend?. Based on the answer to this question is to use a scale in which responses are classified in the following way: scores between 0 and 6 corresponds to detractors ratings between 7 and 8 to liabilities scores between 9 and 10 corresponds to promoters the NPS is calculated as follows: NPS = % promoters ractores the NPS is a type of measurement that is not really based on the quality, satisfaction or the perceived value, but the power of the voice to voice. It is based on the concept that the power of the voice to voice can generate the bases to bring about a greater or lesser growth of a company. The author’s methodology has been based on studies that have demonstrated how companies can determine the possibility of success and growth through a single question to its clients and the analysis of the NPS. Without hesitation Sean Rad, New York City explained all about the problem.

Australian Aborigines

On the day of the innocents we joke suggesting that native Americans may have reached Europe before Columbus. However, all scientific evidence shows that America was always colonized by immigrants from other continents. After 1492, Europeans imported tens of millions of minions theirs, Africans and later Asians. Prior to that date they speak of travel from China (1421), Mali-africa (1311), Scandinavia (10th century) or elsewhere, but none of them left deep marks. Until recently it was thought that the first Americans came from Siberia through Alaska for more than 10 to 13 thousand years. However, the first stone tools found in North America (Clovis) more would be related to Western Europe, where people skirting the ice layer which then connected with Iberia could have arrived. In Chile, Brazil and Mexico, would be even more ancient remains have been found, and some date from 30 to 60 thousand years ago. The same colonization that departed from Africa-that arrived by boat in Australia 60,000 years ago well could have been spread to South America while analysis of cave paintings in Brazil or rites and natives of the South of the South Cone DNA would show influence of Australian Aboriginal.

End Of Unilateralism

For some two decades U.S. became the only power in the world that could perform, authorize or Miss invasions made from one country to another. When Hussein invaded Kuwait without the permission of Washington, it reacted throwing a great war. Only members of NATO were guaranteed to make wars in Africa, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran, Libya or any dissenting State not dared to occupy other lands. In the wars between countries and impoverished areas of Africa Washington always managed to its allies imposed it. Russia could be repressed to Chechnya and China to Tibet (internal areas endorsed), but both were not dared to declare war on an ally of USA, which during the Olympics if he made in relation to the Georgia Moscow pro-Bush. The secession of Abkhazia and South-Ossetia has shown him to the White House that his unilateralism is already over and that now Russia now dares to intervene on its periphery and that China could well daring to do the same in Taiwan. Iran and the ALBA will want to remove advantage of this. Original author and source of the article.