Subjective sensation? Even so – self-hypnosis too good. Useful or not? Disputes continue to point in two decades of debate about the medicinal effects of vitamin additives as so far not delivered. The currently available clinical trials is not enough to record vitamin preparations in the 'dummy'. Whether interested in similar studies worldwide pharmaceutical industry – a separate issue. In fact, proponents of vitamin supplements are talking about Thomas, and their opponents – about Eremu. Hayley Kiyoko has much to offer in this field. And only a few scientists behind American Linus Pauling venture today talk about the biological availability of vitamins.

It all depends on the form in which vitamin enters the body – as synthesized by chemical or natural, in the natural food. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City may help you with your research. Yes, vitamins protect against disease. But the only 'live' vitamins, are not 'dead'. The same okonfuzivshiysya in clinical trials of beta-carotene, patients received in the form of the drug produced industrially. But in plants and animal products there is a two hundred forms carotene, the body needs. All, not a single beta-carotene from the lab! And vitamin C? Askorbinki synthesized by chemical methods at the plant, and natural vitamin C from fresh orange – 'two big differences. " Despite the same chemical formula. Around the living fruit of vitamin necessarily grouped vitamins E, PP, other biologically active substances and microelements.

Therefore not surprising that the 'industrial' askorbinki in the study showed no protective effect. And yet – yet it all remains a theory. Check how to behave themselves against disease vitamins from natural sources, scientists are not ready. And then, uncertain results. What if they bury the production of vitamin supplements? By the way, the easiest and surest way to enrich your body with vitamins – flatly refuse cigarettes or alcohol. Scientists have shown that smokers and drinkers are deficient in vitamins at 30-40 per cent more than those who lead a healthy lifestyle.