It is a hot afternoon. November brought the summer as if it wanted to bring forward the end of the year. Kids go through street with its tired backpacks but with an energy that the proximity of the holidays injected them. This year end seems to be hurried by reach. For a long time it seemed to me that the holidays were like a big circus. Some looked her payasesca smile while others domaban wild beasts that anyway or even tried to leave their cages. Some, like I practiced juggling and were able to run the most difficult tricks combining three or four juggling at the same time. The circus, with that particular mixture of joy and melancholy, always reminded me to new year’s Eve Parties.

This year will be different. No more circus. This year for the first time will not have to juggle. This year will distribute the holidays: Christmas, new year with me. It is odd not to know if it’s anguish, drowning or desolation I don’t know if is, for them or by my. Although denies it, in one way or another I saw it coming. But I always had a good excuse to make me the distracted.

That if wine is late because it has much work that it is difficult to find a moment of intimacy that if the food is ready, clean clothes, House in order all is fine but the caresses that were spacing, kisses flew like birds migrating to another summer with four guys, skin already not be enthralling, not even a little entibiaba under the sheets at night, napping, or in the morning. I became a MOM, Cook, laundress, particular teacher I always thought in all and each one. Their schedules, the clothes they needed for each activity, until their interests, sports, all tv programs was a priority for my.