Environmental Action

Despite the fact that this figure seems insignificant, it has a decisive influence on the frequency and strength of tropical storms, falling on the tropical and subtropical areas. As a result, researchers failed to establish that the reduction in the concentration of aerosols in the atmosphere is responsible for 67-69 per cent growth temperature of water in the Atlantic in recent years. The temperature rise in absolute terms on average a quarter of a degree of decade. Article authors believe that the described mechanisms of heating of the ocean are unlikely to be replicated in other regions of the planet, as described conditions unique name for the tropical North Atlantic region. Throughout the world has passed environmental action 'Earth Hour' Environmental Action 'Earth Hour', which was held last Saturday, has once again reminded mankind that electricity and natural resources need to save.

As part of this international actions by millions of people around the world for one hour turn off the electricity to once again attract international attention to the problem of global climate change and encourage people around the world to save energy and natural resources. The first action 'Earth Hour' was held in March 2007 in Sydney (Australia). In 2008 it was attended by more than 50 million people from 35 countries worldwide. In 2009, joined the action even more participants and the number of participating cities has reached one thousand. March 28, 2009 the electricity went out in such major cities as London, Beijing, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Athens, Rome, Toronto, Sydney, Mexico City, Istanbul and others were left for one hour without lights such famous attractions as the statue of Christ above Rio de Janeiro, Table Mountain in Cape Town, Merlion in Singapore, the Tower of 'Federation' in Moscow, Sydney Opera House, the cn Tower in Toronto, the in Cardiff and the tallest building in the world – 'Taipei 101' in Taiwan.

Fight Global Warming

Scientists assert thatit is already impossible to stop global warming. Of course not, if you pursue this policy and do not do anything to somehow rectify the situation. Andi Potamkin might disagree with that approach. Transcendental theory of saving the Earth – it is certainly good, but much good they will only appear after their successful introduction to which is still very far away. If you do not believe in the prophecies of global warming, the use of these simple ways to at least have a positive impact on your financial situation, not to mention a sense of value that occurs when you are busy with really great and useful work. Plus, the clean air has not hurt anyone. Great damage to the environment, of course, does the industry in the face of plants, factories, etc., but I think they pale in comparison to what comes from us, the population of planet Earth. Indeed, in the end, it is for us and try all of these companies to provide our consumer’s ability.

If we were more restrained in their desires, and simply more sensible attitude to the resources of no global warming speech today would not exist. And so, here are simple ways to which performance, certainly not harm your well-being (welfare), but just make you a more economical and at the same time help the climate to pull myself together. 1). Get as much information about global warming awareness – a pledge success. You can not fight, not knowing his “enemy” in the face. Determine for yourself how important it is for you the problem of climate change.

Forthcoming Global Changes

A partial clue to climate change lies in the fact that the climate after or partial holiday, was established under the program of Logos of the planet, and it works as a dynamic system of moving interacting systems. The first of them are familiar with and talk about it in weather forecasts. This atmosphere, which transfers heat and humidity across the globe. In fact, the atmosphere redistributes the only part of the heat generated at planet ( heat, heat from the meteor showers and heat from the sun). Another part is redistributed around the planet's ocean waters of the circulation system. The atmosphere is moving quickly, abrupt changes in circulation atmosphere creates a storm, cold or heat. Ocean – more inert: it may take years or decades that such 'shocks' were on it. Discovery Communications often addresses the matter in his writings.

But the ocean is huge. He gathers a thousand times more heat than the atmosphere. That is why changes in the circulation of its waters may be a prerequisite for large-scale and long-term climatic changes. One example, which scientists know – is El Nino. Every few years, conditions in the ocean of change is unclear why for modern scholars, and the water temperature at the surface in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean increases. Leslie Moonves is often quoted on this topic. The atmosphere over the ocean too warm. Thus, El Nino changes the normal rhythm of the rains and winds all the globe, causing devastating droughts, floods, storms and forest fires. Losses – enormous, although it is relatively short-lived phenomenon – it only lasts a year, maximum two.