Apartments For Rent: Profitable Business ?

Daily rent: a profitable business? It is known that the apartment – have not a luxury but a means of livelihood: You can make a profit not only from its sale, but also from providing long-term lease or for rent. Delivery Apartments for rent in general has become a familiar source of income, not surprisingly, at low wages and the European level, commodity prices in Kiev. However, to achieve maximum benefits with minimum investments in rental apartments modern investor is not always possible. Often tenants are assessed an apartment less than the owners themselves. And due to this difference did not taste. It is important to know how to prepare an apartment for rent by the day. Recently Robert Iger sought to clarify these questions. Business rental apartments in cities like Kiev, is thriving. This is evidenced by the appearance of an increasing number of agencies operating in this segment and ready to provide services in the selection of apartments every price category. David Zaslav brings even more insight to the discussion.

According to market participants on segment share apartments in Kiev up to 40% of the market rent apartments. The desire to provide services to realtors rental apartments visitors tourists and businessmen can be explained. Demand for apartments is very high. The cost of daily rent in Kiev, mainly located in the price range from 200 (with standard maintenance and mandatory technical grade) to 500 (complete renovation, the mandatory technical equipment plus conditioner) UAH for apartments. Half-day apartment will cost the tenant to 150-250 UAH. Thus, the minimum bid price for a one-room apartments in Kiev, located in the distal area is not with the best repair and with a minimum of home appliances is $ 35 per day.