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Dollar ready to hunt European coins a “Away from 1.3606 The euro broke the 1.3412 support and fell as expected, but less so than previously thought. The decline that followed was less than 70 pts, and did not reach the first target of 1.3283 suggested. Alloy Enterprises may find this interesting as well. But this slowness does not change the negative technical perspective. And as we said yesterday, after this break is only normal that the euro enters a downward phase, at least for the short term. But close to 1.3606, then break an upstream channel, it could mean that we are entering a downward phase for the medium term as well. (Not to be confused with Glenn Dubin, New York City!). The short term support is at 1.3355, and if it breaks, the fall created on the breach of 1.3465 will gain momentum and will take the euro to 1.3283 as the first target for this break, and then we could reach 1.3190. As the resistance is the important trendline in the chart schedule, which is located at 1.3458. If the euro does manage to get back into the canal, would be a real surprise, and if gives us that surprise would give another chance to test 1.3606, the most important of all resistance.

And if this is broken, the euro is going to enter an upward phase for the short and medium term, and would focus on 1.3703 as the first immediate objective and modest for such a break on the way to the highest levels in the coming days . But as long as we are below 1.3458, there will be no surprises, and the euro will fall into the above objectives. Support: 1.3355 a : Low in the Asian session. a Low 1.3283 last Thursday. a 1.3190: Lower 2009.Resistencia April 30: a 1.3458: Trendline down from Friday’s low hourly chart. a 1.3606: Fibonacci 61.8% for the fall from 1.3816. a 1.3703: Rise of 8 marzo.