I would like to talk about some important topics for anyone who is ready or newly started on this new path that has various denominations, the first and most important is e-commerce or E-Commerce, also, teleworking, work from home, work online etc. And, finally, trade we are talking about, I never get tired or I tire of saying that do not expect to find very different things from them that they find outside the Internet within the Internet. Therefore, apply practically the same rules, tactics, strategies, rules, guidelines or structures that we use in offline commerce. DECISION: You must be absolutely sure the product you offer, if you have doubts about what you’re offering hardly can convince someone to buy; Beyond that businesses on the internet do not work for everyone in the same way, (and this depends on, not the business itself, but of each individual and his way of running the business), if you have the full conviction of what you sell, I would say that you have a large percentage of the sale resolved. Why? Because marketing is not the art of selling, is the art of creating conditions whereby the buyer convinces yes same benefits or need which has product. And if you’re not sure you can never create conditions so the other can see that your proposal actually goes to favor.Happening in clean, you’re the first that must be totally safe product that is sold. But really safe.

CONSISTENCY: Constancy in internet is paramount. I think that it is one of the greatest virtues that a person can have. And I am not exaggerating, if you are working online, this is your BASE of operation, everything goes from there, the majority of Internet users do not have the perseverance, tenacity and persistence necessary to succeed, they leave when they were almost arriving. Success always is a little more in front of what we believe.