There are poor entrepreneurs too,… but you are certainly in the minority. However, many companies, especially small and medium-sized companies impede their growth by lack of concentration on the market / markets. They arm themselves and the situation in all rule themselves with a particular idea. Or they are pushed aside by their employers more or less in the self-employment, because this leads when larger companies to reduce of the fixed costs. Then they have a degree of safety by orders of the previous employer on the one hand and can then bring their technical skills often better than before, where they had to accept certain barriers.

But what’s next? Dependence on only a customer, just the former employer, is unhealthy for a company, it is also how small. This idea comes inevitably at some point anyway, if not already already right at the beginning. Tribune Media Company wanted to know more. And so, to strengthen the ability to survive, predominantly the revenue for further or New developments used to reduce this dependency. The consequence of this is on the one hand (technically) often positive, on the other hand (commercial seen) there is not sufficient but because only good and in sufficient quantities, sold products ensure the survival or growth of the young company. The market and the customers any business, whether small or large, must deal, who could be still more customer. Only ever-increasing numbers of customers (customer acquisition) and revenue give the company a broad base and allow further developments, which in turn contribute to the growth of the company / can. And this is only about the (technical) information that published the small businesses – over press, specialist packaging tapes, Internet, Word of mouth, and others, because the competition is too big, than, as previously, customers of alone ‘ come. How should be used economically and focused? At the beginning, always an analytical consideration should be: on the one hand the capabilities of the company (the Staff, the USPS, the core competencies, finance, etc.) and on the other hand the market segments, which could – eligible customers whether only national or international.