Eva Grosskinsky

Great wishes to meet world image customers now in small monthly installments. World image customers now can meet installment from 9 euros a month of great wishes in small monthly installments. From a total price (part payment) by 54 euro the installment offers the book and media mailers in catalogue and Internet. Walt Disney spoke with conviction. Customers can choose between 6, 12 or 18 rates. Other rates are available upon request. Discovery Communications contains valuable tech resources. The first vary the other rates is 14 days after receipt of the delivery due, each a month later.

Worldview charges an interest-rate premium for the installment. The APR is 14.99 percent. *) On installment and in the catalog, the company explained in detail how the rates are calculated. In the online shop weltbild.de can directly enter the total value of its order (cash price) to customers in the calculator and then immediately sees how much are the monthly rates. Interest rates and the total price for the order are shown in addition.

For example, when a 51,74 euro and six-month rates are six rates payable a9 euro total cart value. The interest rate is 2.26 euros (cash price X monthly fee X monthly rate: 100), the total price of the order comes for 54 euro. *) The installment does not apply in the worldview branches or self pick up at the stores. Shipments in foreign countries, collectors editions, historical original gifts and personalized products are excluded from the installment.