Some general characteristics: They are devices of the self. They are unconscious They consist of throwing out of consciousness some aspect of reality, whether physical or psychological. Its goal is avoid the anguish or psychic pain that such conflicts would provoke in the consciousness. Defense mechanisms are used by all persons, not only by those suffering from psychic disorders adds us also, that behavior models that make up the psyche in humans, are a compound of forces. These forces are genetic characteristics, instinctive features that reside in the unconscious and the factors of development, which include: training, environmental circumstances of the individual, and experience and training. The greater part people maintain an equal balance between these forces.

Sometimes the balance is very tenuous and conforms with the defense mechanisms. Coping strategies refers to activities and behaviors that the individual is aware and defense mechanisms refers to unconscious mental processes… Coping strategies can be both Adaptive as inadaptativas. The former include avoidance of situations that cause discomfort, solve problems and accept the situation. The latter are, among others, excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, histrionic or aggressive behaviors and autoliticos gestures. Referred to as adaptive strategies can become inadaptativas if used for a long time.

For example, avoidance is an adequate early response to the stressful situation, but if kept too long prevents the processes of resolution and acceptance problems. Defense mechanisms, as he has been said are behaviors unconscious, are various forms of defence psychological with which the subject manages to defeat, avoid, circling, escape, ignore or feel anguish, frustration and threats through the withdrawal of cognitive stimuli that would produce them. Among major defense mechanisms are brought: condensation scroll dissociation training reactive denial projection rationalization suppression compensation projective identification Introjection catharsis symbolization suppression regression Finally, in this analysis of its scope and impact, is important to consider as indicated by when indicated, let us remember, that defense mechanisms, are precisely the defenses developed by the ego (ego) to handle the anxiety or prevent their emergence.