If The Neck Hurts And Burns: The Sore Throat

Like every winter, the virus infections on the rise are again this year. Many people are regularly affected by a sore throat, where the throat is inflamed. While the acute and the chronic sore throat be distinguished. You can catch year-round with a throat infection, most commonly this happens but in the winter. For more information see Warner Media. If outside cold temperatures and dry air and the air in rooms by the heaters is also quite dry, viruses and bacteria have good conditions, to settle in the mucous membranes and to reproduce. Because dry air dry mucous membranes as well, making them more susceptible to invasive disease-causing pathogens. The acute inflammation of the throat is raised mostly by viruses. You accompanied with unpleasant pain during swallowing, a red throat, and scrape and burn in my throat.

Of chronic strep throat area is permanently confused and irritated, mostly due to alcohol, dry air or Cigarette smoke. The symptoms usually do not suddenly occur in the chronic sore throat, but when the respiratory tract and mucous membranes are more tempted by substances such as alcohol, smoke, dry air. Typical is, that is those affected often clear his throat and coughing due to the feeling of dryness in the throat. While in the acute sore throat, often only the symptoms such as neck pain and swelling in the throat be treated by slightly numbing and antiseptic sucking lozenges or mouth rinses, the thrill-inducing substances should be avoided when the chronic sore throat. Soothing also humidifier and inhalations affect, as they moisten the mucous membranes and soothe irritated Airways. Get more health-specific information at