It should not be forgotten, that our time is too short and we don’t even know exactly when to depart, we leave this physical body, we must therefore take the time that is given us, trying to interrelate us, sharing, enjoying without complicating us. Optimize our actions, properly manage our energy, in such a way to enjoy our existence, not let us catch by illusions, everything that generates emotional stimuli that do not know is you handle can complicate our existence and waste the time that is given us. You should not surprise us to read comments here that say: I guess when things are going well, which is what we want and what we like, we do not care, instead when they go wrong suffer and we think the way to solve it, that is why they occupy most of our thoughts. Okay thinking things, trying to find solutions and all that, but we can do the negative the center of our existence because but we left many details and precious moments along the way, unrated. There is who says, the first thing is to believe in yourself, trust your own abilities and to love you, because you are worth much as a person. That will give you strength to face these unpleasant situations with some people and above all to reaffirm your personality, by removing or changing those things that you don’t like it and will facilitate the relationship with people that are really worth.He appreciates the good people and bad passes. As the saying goes: we don’t realize what we have until we lose it, so you try to Polish those things in your character that you don’t like and you’ll really see that vale la Pena and others you will appreciate as you deserve.Definitely one depends how must handle us in all things that we interrelacionamos, meet us, well have defined our strengths, weaknesses and surprise us in how we act. Important thing is not letting us catch for the complication. Xfinity pursues this goal as well. Original author and source of the article.