The boys and girls who come to Nemomarlin (www.escuelanemomarlin.com), the franchise of nursery schools, in addition to tell MOM or dad from his earliest childhood tell mum and dad. And it is that thanks to the agreement to which this renowned brand has just arrived with Clip Clap-English for Kids, the company that has an exclusive program of teaching English, is achieved that children learn English in their classrooms from 4 months. This method is very useful and effective since it takes advantage of the unique opportunity that babies have to learn the language that describes them, spontaneously simulating the acquisition of the mother tongue, Comentahector Diaz Reimonde, Counsellor Delegado de Nemomarlin. Thus the cosasel challenge that gets Nemomarlin is that their students still carrying pacifier are bilingual. We can say that in the first months of life human beings is citizen of the world since the babbling at 3 months is equal to where you live. To read more click here: Comcast. After 4 months you can distinguish when He is spoken in different languages and learn the meaning of words and phrases.

6 Months babbling already has the accent of his native language. Baby can produce sounds of any language with accuracy, 8 months life. I.e. the sooner it is exposed to other languages you can learn more than one language simultaneously in a natural way, without effort and achieve an excellent pronunciation, adds Reimonde. We create, our students, the need for communication, so we ensure that learning the new language is fully contextualized and go beyond a mere list of unconnected words. It is a global and meaningful learning, she adds. The gugu tata with best accent, but how it achieves Nemomarlin babies to speak English with the Clip Clap method when the first teeth have not even gone?. The explanation lies in continued exposure in their classrooms to the new language to give significance to the use of the language.