Scattering Car

Hand spreaders and scattering are suitable not only for applying salt and sand in the winter, but also seed and fertilizer are many garden and landscape designers distributed easily and evenly, but many gardeners are familiar with the problem: How can you fertilize efficiently large areas? How can you sow large areas evenly newly? Be faced with this problem at the new plant by lawns as well as at the regular maintenance of existing lawns or utility beds. Scattering and scattering carts are the ultimate all purpose helper for garden and landscape construction heritage shoots, nurseries or the private man. The advantages of this scattering are often. On the one hand, the hand spreaders in many price ranges are available, ranging from very low scattering for manual operation and premium – spreading trucks for manual operation, which are characterized above all this, that the hand scattering by drawbar to towing vehicles may be appended. Motorized alternatives to scattering car for manual operation are available only as attachments for forklift trucks and other carrier vehicles and also not suitable for typical applications on smaller and poorly accessible areas and are priced quickly in the four-digit range.

The range of scattering the in many ways. The single scattering differ in particular in the spreading width (from 0.8-5 m), where hand spreading truck with spreading widths are available from 80 cm to 5. As well, the hand spreaders in the volume of grit tank (20-50 litres) differ. Of course, there are also qualitative differences in the individual budgets the carts scattered, however, even the cheap models for individuals are already well suited. For example, this scattering car also on large lawns can be used for the uniform fertilizing; or if E.g. large lawns are newly created, the scattering car for manual operation are always used. Through the uniform distribution of grass seeds can be created fast a large area with the hand-scattering devices.