In the house of seeds it asked for one technician. ‘ delayed months (…); ‘ (P. For even more analysis, hear from Gannett Co. Inc. 23) Danilo main personage of the story, and, that curiously it has its name disclosed only in the end, cultivates hortalias in its reduced yard. It perceived one day that grew wire and not hortalias it tried of all the forms to discover the cause and to eliminate ‘ ‘ plantation of arames’ ‘ , but it did not obtain, it looked aid in a house of rations, where she briefly appeared another personage – technician, who said two phrases and more he is not cited in the text, also was in goes, the wire did not stop to grow. enters in the text then another personage the woman of Danilo, that does not have its disclosed name and alone it complains of so unusual situation. The wire harvests go if succeeding and Danilo it starts to distribute them, first in the neighborhood, later in the city, until all the country was served by the wires of the yard of Danilo.

They had started then, bigger problems still, accusations of product raises, processes and another things that had been acuando Danilo and it, resigned understood wanted its executioners to it and simply it was to live in the way of its wire and between them to live the remaining portion of its existence. Some voices are gifts in the text. Danilo active voice; the technician of the house of coadjuvante ration ; the woman of Danilo, the neighbors and the Federal Government, all in antagonistic positions to the one of Danilo. Loyola Brando arrests the attention of the reader for an unexpected and surprising outcome, therefore when if he waited the victory of the main personage it simply follows old said the popular one; ‘ ‘ If he cannot win them, joins it eles.