Walter Hours

72 hours moderated live broadcast by the 01.05.09 until 03.05.09 by the 01.05.09 00: 00 is midnight up to 03.05.09 there on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of, single Countryinternetradiosender 24/7, is a 72-hour marathon. For 72 hours over 30 facilitators of Countrymusic24 will present good country music, as well as news, CD presentations and much more. A raffle of a W-LAN portable radios in the value of 100.00 EUR rounds off this marathon. Each moderator is in his broadcasts each slowly, quickly, reverse play a song or hum, whistle or something similar. The task of the receiver is then to recognize that much of these songs in the 72 hours.

Who has recognized most of the songs, gewinnnt W-LAN-radio portable. In addition, Countrymusic24 provides their listeners to the test. You have the option to to 03.05.09 24:00 a slogan for Countrymusic24 to create. The word “Countrymusic24” must be included in this slogan. This slogan can be send to. The best slogan will be by the Team of Countrymusic24 chosen and used in the current year to 01.05.2010. The winner will receive a birthday package – Bielefeld, in-ear headphones and more – close to a Wochenendkarte for the Festival in Borgholzhausen.