Groundhog Day

Do not trust the process and the universe. In fact, we It took many years to consistently approach to security, act a certain way. But we want immediate changes because at full gallop rasshibli his forehead. And begin to thrash from side to side instead of stop, look around, choose one direction and move back to a certain destination, and has already received the results, decide that we need or something else. Too many people do not get a well-deserved awards, because surrender in five minutes to a victorious finish. We are trying to grasp the past, especially for past services: how well we were so good together … People such as Jeffrey L. Bewkes would likely agree.

or "he's saying …" or "well, I also noted," … Yes, noted, but now dismissed. Yes, he said … but no longer speaks. Yes, it was good.

Became ill. None of the past! And never will be. Everything has become different. Even if the relationship with that person or people recover, they will others. And if they stay the same, you will fly again in the same crisis. This Groundhog Day … And so on until something is not nauchites.Horoshaya news – if the past was bad, it's also gone. So in any case, you need to look around and to start from scratch. And what do we do? We are trying to find the cause instead of searching out and link to it. Why it happened and why it happened to me? It seems that if we find the answer to this question, it all magically change.